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Knee osteoarthritis




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Teyder Teyder Universal Knee Bandage with Hot Cold Pack

Teyder Universal Knee Bandage with Hot Cold Pack

Universal knee bandage suitable for general knee injuries. Contains simple Hot & Cold Pack to treat injuries. Ideal for faster knee recovery!


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Teyder Teyder Premium Elastische Kniebrace
Teyder Teyder Premium Kniebrace met Flexibele Baleinen
Teyder Teyder Kniebrace met Baleinen Neopreen
Teyder Neoprene knee brace with hinges

Neoprene knee brace with hinges

The Teyder Neoprene Knee Brace with Hinges is the tool for medium to heavy knee complaints. The neoprene material fits snugly on your knee, with hinges and straps above and below the knee! Now very competitively priced!

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Teyder Teyder Premium Kniebrace met Scharnieren
Bauerfeind Genutrain S knee brace

Genutrain S knee brace

The Genutrain S is a sturdy knee brace with adjustable Velcro straps above and below the knee (recommended for unstable / insecure knees) and plastic ribs on the sides of the knee to stabilize the joint.


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Osteoarthritis in the knee

Osteoarthritis in the knee usually develops through degeneration (deterioration / deterioration) of the knee. To understand what osteoarthritis in the knee is, the anatomy of the knee should be somewhat clear. The knee joint is made up of multiple bones, cartilage and various tendons and muscles. The joint surface is covered with cartilage. The cartilage in the knee ensures that the joint has good glide and prevents friction of all bone parts. This cartilage is damaged in osteoarthritis. This ensures that the quality of movement deteriorates. This makes the joint feel stiff and painful. The loss of a lot of cartilage (at a young age) can lead to chronic knee problems.

Cause knee osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis develops gradually through age and "wear". In the longer term, the quality of cartilage can be reduced, including in the knee joint. This causes complaints within the knee joint. Osteoarthritis can also develop after a fall. During the fall, the cartilage within the knee can be damaged. After which, load on the knee can feel painful.

Symptoms and complaints in osteoarthritis in the knee

  • (Start) pain when moving
  • (Morning) stiffness in the knee
  • 'Squatting' and 'snapping' in the knee (creping)
  • Swelling (fluid in the knee)
  • Click and lock complaints

Diagnosis and treatment osteoarthritis of the knee joint?

Osteoarthritis is an irreversible process in the body, so there is not much to do about that. What you can do yourself is regular and dosed exercise, healthy eating and drinking, avoid peak loads. You do this with a ProBrace knee brace . A knee brace is a tool for the knee, which supports the knee joint in its function. This conservative treatment is best done under the supervision of a physiotherapist . If a conservative treatment is not successful, surgery can also be an option. For the various operating options, we advise you to consult a doctor.

A knee joint in itself is not strong and stable enough to heal on its own strength. A tool such as a knee brace can help you with this. A ProBrace knee brace is the solution for you! But which knee brace should I buy? It depends on your diagnosis and the associated complaints which knee brace or knee bandage is best for you. Below are a number of braces described, which may apply to you:

A knee brace that brings maximum stability and comfort for osteoarthritis? Then it is advisable to look at the two braces below. The brace has a hinge. Which offers optimal stability, delivers and reduces the complaints.

  1. Bauerfeind GenuTrain S
  2. Thuasne Genu Ligaflex

Looking for a knee brace that provides a lot of stability without a hinge action in it? Then look at the boning brace below. The brace provides optimal stability for the knee joint and can be adjusted personally, for the ideal fit and ideal experience.

  1. Bauerfeind Genutrain with Silicones

Be informed and advised for FREE by a ProBrace physiotherapist. Contact us here . ProBrace has made a selection of the best knee braces and knee bandages for osteoarthritis that are currently available and offered the best price-quality ratio in the webshop.

Knee osteoarthritis