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Teyder Teyder Universal Knee Bandage with Hot Cold Pack

Teyder Universal Knee Bandage with Hot Cold Pack

Universal knee bandage suitable for general knee injuries. Contains simple Hot & Cold Pack to treat injuries. Ideal for faster knee recovery!


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CARE CARE Genu Knee Brace

CARE Genu Knee Brace

The Genu Knee Brace from the brand CARE is a knee brace with a silicone ring around the kneecap and ribs on the sides of the knee for extra reinforcement! The best price-quality ratio! Nowhere cheaper!

€54,95 €27,50

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Teyder Teyder Premium Elastische Kniebrace
Teyder Teyder Premium Kniebrace met Flexibele Baleinen
Teyder Teyder Kniebrace met Baleinen Neopreen
Teyder Neoprene knee brace with hinges

Neoprene knee brace with hinges

The Teyder Neoprene Knee Brace with Hinges is the tool for medium to heavy knee complaints. The neoprene material fits snugly on your knee, with hinges and straps above and below the knee! Now very competitively priced!

€99,95 €59,95

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Teyder Teyder Premium Kniebrace met Scharnieren
Bauerfeind Genutrain S knee brace

Genutrain S knee brace

The Genutrain S is a sturdy knee brace with adjustable Velcro straps above and below the knee (recommended for unstable / insecure knees) and plastic ribs on the sides of the knee to stabilize the joint.


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Charge of the Meniscus?

In addition to a damping function, the meniscuses also have a proprioceptive function. This means that the knee joint sends information to the brain, to indicate in which position the knee joint is located. For example, whether the knee is bent or stretched. This connection is disrupted in an (acute) meniscus injury. In an acute meniscus injury, a tear develops in the inner or the outer meniscus (during sport). This meniscus can tear in many different ways, but important to know is: when the meniscus is torn, it will often hurt a lot when subjected to a load.

A meniscus can also become "worn". The body becomes older during the years. Similarly the meniscii. This process of aging is called degeneration. When the meniscus is damaged by an acute trauma, this is immediately noticed. If, however, meniscus injuries are caused by degeneration, complaints will build up over the years. This is because the quality of the meniscuses is deteriorating. The menisci are then 'worn out'.

Causes meniscus injury

A meniscus often gets damaged during exercise. The body rotates where the lower leg remains (for example because the studs in grass or artificial grass in sports such as hockey, rugby, football etc.). There is a crackling sound or feeling after which the knee becomes thick and painful.

Symptoms in an acute meniscus injury

  • Acute trauma (during sport)
  • Swelling / getting thick of the knee
  • Moisture in the knee
  • Pain at the knee
  • Crepitations (cracking noise in the knee when moving)
  • Climbing stairs is painful
  • Squatting is painful

What can I do about meniscus complaints? Wear a knee brace with meniscus problems!

You can live a healthy life yourself. You do this by moving regularly and dosed. Ideally, think of unloaded exercises / movements for the knee. Cycling is a good example of this. You can also request strengthening exercises from your physiotherapist to strengthen the muscle strength around the knee. In order to make this process as pain-free as possible, doctors and the KNGF recommend to wear a knee brace with meniscus injury during the first 6 weeks after diagnosis or surgery meniscus injury, by preventing rotation:

  1. Do you have an extreme damage to the meniscus? Then look at the SecuTec Genu from Bauerfeind

An injury to the meniscus, where surgery is not applicable? Then you might be looking for a brace that can provide the most stability for the knee joint? Then the next two braces might offer a solution. The braces are provided with hinges, without hindering the freedom of movement.

  1. A meniscus injury can be relieved by providing extra stability. The B auerfeind Genutrain S has hinges. The hinges provide extra stability during recovery.
  2. For a good affordable brace can also be chosen for the Genu Ligaflex Knee brace from Thuasne .

ProBrace provides completely free advice (prepared by physiotherapists) for knee braces in meniscus problems. Do you also want suitable and free advice? Please contact ProBrace via our chat function, the e-mail or call +31 (0) 85 4011 911.


meniscus injury