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Teyder Teyder Patellabrace / Patellaband
Teyder Teyder Kniebrace met Baleinen Neopreen
Teyder Neoprene knee brace with hinges

Neoprene knee brace with hinges

The Teyder Neoprene Knee Brace with Hinges is the tool for medium to heavy knee complaints. The neoprene material fits snugly on your knee, with hinges and straps above and below the knee! Now very competitively priced!

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Jumpersknee | buy knee brace?

With a Jumpersknee you suffer from your knee joints running over your knee joint. This knee is running from the tibia towards the kneecap. The patella (kneecap) is interwoven in these knees and it may be that it becomes inflamed. This is called a tendinitis. It is also possible that the knees 'deteriorated'. This is called a tendinose. This creates a so-called Jumpersknee. The Jumpersknee usually develops without any apparent cause, this is called idiopathic.

How does a jumper's knee develop?

In many cases it is the knee that gets overloaded. The overload is not caused by a trauma but 'arises' and gradually creeps in. This is often the result of a frequently repeated and wrong tax. There are micro-cracks in the tendon after which the body does not get enough recovery time. This will reduce tendon quality. What can lead to complaints under the kneecap.

This often occurs during exercise. Well-known examples are:

Symptoms jumpers knee

A jumpers knee can be recognized by the following characteristics:

  • Pain during (explosive) stretching of the knee (for example during jumping)
  • Pain at the bottom of your kneecap (apex)
  • Pain during or after exercise
  • Pain while climbing stairs
  • Swelling / thickening on the underside of the kneecap

Treatment Jumpersknee

For a positive course for the recovery of a jumpers knee multiple treatment options are possible. It is important to know that the recovery of a tendon is slow.
The treatment of the jumper is done in an active way. Eccentric exercises will deliver a good result.

During these exercises support of the kneecap (patella) may be important. Looking for the right brace for you? See below which patella brace ProBrace can advise you:

  1. The Bauerfeind Patella Brace Genupoint is the ideal knee bandage for maximum support in the patella. From experience, continuous pressure on the tendon is the most pain-dampening.
  2. Genutrain P3 Knee Brace , is the successor of the Genutrain . The bandage gives a little more stability and is provided with an adjustable strap which provides extra support for the kneecap. The brace is also very suitable for sports! The joint can also be added for more stability
  3. Would you like to use a brace during exercise? For extra support, compression and stability around the patella and still retain the extra freedom of movement. Then look at the " Sport Knee Support Knee Brace ".
  4. For a simple and good solution, which has proven its effectiveness for years, you can choose the Bauerfeind Genupoint patella Effective and price- wise a nice solution for your problem.