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The knee is a complex mechanism. The knee joint, also called articulus genus in Latin. Is the joint that connects the upper leg to the lower leg. Thanks to the knee joint, man is able to stretch and bend his leg. This makes it possible to move yourself by walking, cycling, swimming etc.

Injured to the knee?

The knee joint is a complex system. The knee consists of different structures in and around the knee. All of these structures provide stability and knee movement. However, it sometimes happens that the knee does not work completely as we had hoped. The knee feels sensitive and can hurt.

Knee injury

There are many ways people get injured. For example, people can get injured at the knee because the muscles or tendons tear. It is also possible that ligaments, cartilage or other structures around the joint are loaded. This can happen with many repeatable movements (chronic) but can also occur after a fall (acute).

Knee injury symptoms

There are many symptoms that indicate whether damage is present in the knee. But which injuries are there all? And which symptoms correspond to my complaints? And most importantly; How can these injuries be treated?

To provide more information about this, injuries can be seen below, which are further elaborated and explained:

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Why a knee brace or knee bandage?

The knee joint is often not stable and strong enough to heal on its own. A knee brace, knee bandage or sports brace can in this case offer the solution for your knee complaints. A knee brace, knee bandage or sports brace provides stabilization of the knee joint, which will reduce or even resolve knee complaints. It depends on your complaints and the load on the knee which knee brace, knee bandage or sports brace applies to you and how long you should wear it.

Online advice from a specialist, physiotherapist, movement technologist or orthopedic instrument maker?

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