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Teyder Teyder Thumb bandage Osteoarthritis / Rheumatism

Teyder Thumb bandage Osteoarthritis / Rheumatism

This elastic thumb bandage is the aid for osteoarthritis and rheumatism on the wrist and / or thumb. The elastic fabric fits perfectly around your hand. You experience direct lighting!


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Teyder Teyder Polsbandage Neopreen
CARE CARE wrist bandage

CARE wrist bandage

The CARE Wrist Bandage is an ideal compression aid for mild complaints around the wrist. This wrist bandage provides compression, relieves pain and reduces fluid around the joint. Ideal for complaints such as rheumatism, arthrosis and fibromyalgia!

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Teyder Teyder Neoprene wrist brace

Teyder Neoprene wrist brace

This neoprene wrist brace fits very well around your arm, can get completely wet, is easy to put on with one hand and has an extra strap at the height of the wrist for extra stability. Nowhere cheaper!


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Ossur Form Fit wrist brace
GO Medical Buddy loop
GO Medical Reuma Arthritis Gloves
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Rheumatism in the hand

Rheumatism occurs at different ages and is a common condition. Rheumatism is a collective name for about 100 different chronic disorders. Rheumatism often causes stiffness and pain in the muscles, tendons and joints.

What is Rheumatism in hand?

Rheumatism, also called rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease. To protect the body against diseases, the body makes antibodies. In an autoimmune disease, it is the case that the antibodies, which the body itself produces, will defend themselves against their own body. This is because the tissue within the hand is seen as "foreign". This will cause swelling and inflammation that is painful and sensitive.

How does Rheumatism develop?

Rheumatism occurs gradually. In the initial stage nothing will be noticed at the joints. At a later stage, fingers may feel sensitive and stiff. There are still many researches going on to discover the exact cause of rheumatism.
Up to now, it has been established that rheumatism can occur at all different ages and that there is disruption of the autoimmune system. The autoimmune system can be disrupted by bacterial infections, stress or excessive stress.

Symptoms rheumatism pulse

  • Sensitive hand
  • Painful hand and fingers, gets worse with movements
  • Swollen fingers
  • Burden of morning stiffness
  • The fingers will feel thick and warm

Treating rheumatism with wrist brace?

In rheumatism it is important that advice is sought from a doctor or specialist. These will prescribe medication. There will also be referred to a medical specialist for exercise exercises, to reduce the stiff feeling.

A hand brace can provide extra support for everyday actions. Probrace can recommend the following braces for your hand:

  1. The most sold brace for Rheumatism is the GM medical 016
  2. Looking for more freedom of movement but with optimal support in the thumb joint? Then look at the Push CMC thumb race .

Below are two similar braces:

  1. Bauerfeind RhizoLoc Thumbrace , has multiple adjustment options . Because of the different settings you can adjust the brace to your own wishes.
  2. Looking for a brace with a good price-quality ratio? Then look at the Thuasne Ligaflex Rhizo Duimbrace .