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Rheumatism in your hand

Rheumatism occurs at different ages and is a very common condition. Rheumatism is a collective name for about 100 various chronic conditions. Popularly, however, rheumatism often means 'rheumatoid arthritis'. Rheumatism often causes stiffness and pain in the joints, muscles and tendons. Contrary to popular belief, rheumatism is NOT a family or hereditary disease. It is not yet known exactly how rheumatism develops.

What is rheumatism and is a wrist or hand brace effective?

Rheumatism, often referred to as 'Rheumatoid Arthritis', is an autoimmune disease. To protect the body against diseases, the body makes antibodies. In an autoimmune disease, it is the case that the antibodies, which the body produces itself, start to defend against the body. This is due to the fact that the tissue within the hand is perceived as “foreign”. This will cause swelling and inflammation that are painful and sensitive; rheumatism. A wrist brace is very effective for people with osteoarthritis in the hands and wrists.

Rheumatism in your hand



Teyder Teyder Thumb Bandage Osteoarthritis / Rheumatism

Teyder Thumb Bandage Osteoarthritis / Rheumatism

This elastic thumb bandage is the ideal aid for osteoarthritis and rheumatism on the wrist and / or thumb. The elastic fabric forms perfectly around your hand. You will experience immediate relief!


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Teyder Teyder Wrist Bandage Neoprene

Teyder Wrist Bandage Neoprene

Support for the wrist joint and carpal bones without rigid ribs. The unique properties of the Teyder NEOthermik material ensure a protective and pain-relieving effect!


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Teyder Teyder Wrist Brace Neoprene

Teyder Wrist Brace Neoprene

This neoprene wrist brace fits very well around your arm, can get completely wet, is easy to put on with one hand and has an extra strap at the wrist for extra stability. Nowhere cheaper!


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Ossur Össur FormFit Wrist Brace

Össur FormFit Wrist Brace

The Ossur FormFit Wrist Brace has the best price-quality ratio of the moment! Very affordable, comfortable and durable.


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GO Medical Rheumatism Gloves with Silicones

Rheumatism Gloves with Silicones

These rheumatism / arthritis / arthrosis gloves provide compression, support and especially warmth to your hands. Ideal for relieving pain, promoting blood circulation and reducing stiffness, for rheumatism or arthrosis!

€42,95 €22,95

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GO Medical Rheumatism Gloves

Rheumatism Gloves

The GO Medical rheumatism gloves support your hands, provide compression, improve circulation and provide you with warmth when your hands hurt. Ideal for rheumatism, arthritis or arthrosis!

€37,95 €21,95

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Teyder Teyder Finger splint

Teyder Finger splint

The Teyder finger splint is compact and easy to use! Available in different sizes and due to the aluminum the finger splint fits every finger.


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Reh4Mat Reh4Mat Dupuytren Finger Splint

Reh4Mat Dupuytren Finger Splint

The Reh4Mat supports your finger (s) in case of Dupuytren's disease, osteoarthritis, a trigger finger or another injury where your finger (s) need to be splinted. Nowhere cheaper!


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Reh4Mat Reh4Mat Finger Splint

Reh4Mat Finger Splint

The Reh4Mat Finger Splint is a commonly used application for finger splinting. This is done with a trigger finger, a bruised or (status after) broken finger. Nowhere cheaper!


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How does Rheumatism develop?

Rheumatism develops gradually. In the early stages, nothing will be noticed yet about the joints. At a later stage, fingers may feel sensitive and stiff. Many studies are underway to discover the exact cause of rheumatism. Until now it can be concluded that rheumatism can occur at all different ages and that the dysfunction of the autoimmune system takes place. The autoimmune system can become disrupted by bacterial infections, stress or excessive stress. What we do know is that rheumatism is more common in women than men .

Symptoms of the rheumatism fingers and hands

  • Sensitive hand
  • Painful hand and fingers, gets worse with movements
  • Swollen fingers
  • Bothered by morning stiffness
  • The fingers will feel thick and warm

Treating rheumatism with a hand brace or wrist brace?

With rheumatism it is important that advice is sought from a doctor or specialist. He will prescribe medicines for you. You will also be referred to a medical specialist for movement exercises to reduce the stiff feeling.

A hand brace can provide extra support for everyday actions. ProBrace can advise the following thumb braces for your hand:

  1. The best-selling brace for Reuma is the GM medical 016 thumb splint
  2. Looking for more freedom of movement but with optimal support in the thumb joint? Then look at the Rhizoloc thumb brace .
  3. Are you more interested in a full wrist and hand brace? Then look at the CARE wrist brace!

Below are two similar wrist braces :

  1. The FormFit wrist brace from Ossur has multiple adjustment options. The different settings allow you to adjust the brace to your liking.
  2. Looking for a brace with a good price-quality ratio? Then look at the Novamed wrist brace.