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Treating Dupuytren's contracture?

People with Dupuytren's disease have trouble stretching their fingers. This is due to a connective tissue of the tendon plate in the hand. This white aponeurosis is located in the middle of the hand and because of this disease slowly contracts the flexor tendons of the fingers. Conservative treatment of Dupuytren works best through a combination of intensive physical therapy and the use of a finger splint . If it is not possible to treat this disease conservatively, there is still the option to opt for surgical treatment. A finger splint can be used both pre- and postoperatively! Inform a specialist about the possibilities.

Treating Dupuytren's contracture?



GO Medical Finger splint

Finger splint

This finger splint is used with a trigger finger or a mild dupuytren. This finger splint ensures that the finger does not 'jump' all the time and can be used both before and after surgery.

€24,95 €19,95

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Basko Basko Vission Finger Splint

Basko Vission Finger Splint

The Basko Vission Single Finger Splint is intended to fix one finger in a relaxed / stretched position. Ideal against contractures, osteoarthritis, dupuytren and / or trigger finger. Nowhere cheaper!


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Basko Basko Vission Multi Finger Splint

Basko Vission Multi Finger Splint

This splint is recommended for osteoarthritis, dupuytren or the consequences of a CVA (stroke). Of course, this splint can also be used for other complaints when the goal is to splint several fingers in a relaxed position. Nowhere cheaper!


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Orliman Dupuytren Finger Splint

Dupuytren Finger Splint

The solution for Dupuytren's disease, Osteoarthritis or a Triggerfinger is a finger splint from the Orliman brand. This elastic finger splint / brace provides a stretch and stabilization of your finger (s)!


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Teyder Teyder Finger splint

Teyder Finger splint

The Teyder finger splint is compact and easy to use! Available in different sizes and due to the aluminum the finger splint fits every finger.


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Reh4Mat Reh4Mat Dupuytren Finger Splint

Reh4Mat Dupuytren Finger Splint

The Reh4Mat supports your finger (s) in case of Dupuytren's disease, osteoarthritis, a trigger finger or another injury where your finger (s) need to be splinted. Nowhere cheaper!


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Reh4Mat Reh4Mat Finger Splint

Reh4Mat Finger Splint

The Reh4Mat Finger Splint is a commonly used application for finger splinting. This is done with a trigger finger, a bruised or (status after) broken finger. Nowhere cheaper!


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Reh4Mat Reh4Mat Extra finger splint for the Dupuytren Finger splint

Reh4Mat Extra finger splint for the Dupuytren Finger splint

This product is an accessory for the Reh4Mat Dupuytren Finger Splint. Would you like to splint more than one finger? Then add one or more extra splint(s) for the finger to the shopping cart.


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Causes of Dupuytren's disease

The word Dupuytren literally means "contraction". Dupuytren's contracture involves a contraction of the fingers. This is due to a growth of connective tissue in the palm.
In most cases it is the ring finger and little finger that are affected.

It is striking that m. Dupuytren mainly occurs in white men older than 50 years. We do not know exactly where Dupuytren's contracture comes from. In most cases, the complaints arise gradually. It starts with a rigid connective tissue strand in the palm. The strands run from the palm to the fingers. Over time (months or years), hard subcutaneous connective tissue strands may develop. The fingers will warp and are difficult to stretch. Prevent the complaints from getting worse and use this night splint for Dupuytren preventively - at least during the night!

Dupuytren's contracture symptoms

  • Stiff fingers
  • Stiff connective tissue strands
  • Hard lumps on the inside of the palm
  • The fingers are difficult to stretch
  • After a few years, the fingers bend

Diagnosis and treatment Dupuytren hand

Several treatment methods are possible. If the complaints are in a distant stage, it is possible to have surgery or to inject the tissue. Do you find out that you are just in the initial phase and are suffering from some stiff fingers? Then a finger brace / finger splint may offer the solution. The Orliman finger splint Dupuytren provides stretching and stability of the fingers. Stretching the fingers makes the fingers more mobile for everyday operations. Use this finger splint especially at night! at night people often lie in a 'contraction position' (bent). This way your finger is stretched for at least 8 hours. This prevents your complaints from getting worse!

The brace below is recommended:

  1. Orliman finger splint Dupuytren
  2. GO Medical finger splint