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Metatarsalgia is a general term for forefoot symptoms. Often the pain is under the forefoot, especially during walking.

What is a metatarsalgia? - hammer toes

The foot gets to deal with many forces every day. With every step we take one day the foot is used. Here we land on the heel of the foot and the foot is settled. However, forefoot symptoms can occur. In a Metatarsalgia the injury is at the bottom of the metatarsal bones. Often with the second and third toes. Metatarsalgia is a general name for complaints in the metatarsal bones, often referred to below as hammering toes.

In metatarsalgia or hammer toes, it is the metatarsal bones that do very well. The pressure is increased on the bones when taking steps. Inflammation and pain can be the result.

Causes metatarsalgia

The occurrence of metatarsalgia injuries can have multiple causes. One cause may be that the footbed underneath the foot, as we age become worse. The fat pad becomes thinner, which can increase the pressure on the metatarsals. Often the pressure is increased when women wear a shoe with a high heel. The pressure here comes on the forefoot and can become sensitive.

A wrong foot posture can also cause the pressure to be increased on the forefoot.


  • Pain at the bottom of the forefoot
  • Sensitive forefoot
  • Callus under the foot
  • Corn on the foot
  • Swollen foot
  • Chance of tingling

Diagnosis and recovery

The most important thing about the recovery of metatarsalgia or hammer toes is to change the pressure distribution. It helps to attract good shoes without a high heel. It is also advisable to go to an orthopeed. This can develop support soles in which the pain complaints significantly reduce.