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Heel spur

A heel spur can be very molten. When you have painful heels, heel pain or radiation pain from your heel, you can suffer from heel spurs or Plantar Fasciitis. Characteristic for this are the classic 'starting pains'. You will experience this especially in the morning when you get out of bed or when you have been sitting on a chair for a long time. The first steps are particularly painful, but over time these pains normally subside.

What is a heel spur?

A tendon runs under the foot. The tendon runs from the heel bone to the forefoot. Heel spur is caused by this wide tendon. If the tendon plate is overloaded, there will be a lot of stress on the adhesion of the heel bone. When the foot is loaded, the pain will be under the heel.




GO Medical GO Medical Night splint Heel track + free instep pad

GO Medical Night splint Heel track + free instep pad

This night splint is the best tool for treating complaints caused by heel spurs. You wear the splint overnight. You use the free ball supplied during the day to massage the tendon plate under your foot.


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GO Medical Heel Spur Night Splint Universal

Heel Spur Night Splint Universal

This universal night splint is very suitable for the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spur and / or Achilles tendon inflammation. The night splint is easy to use, comfortable and can be bent as desired. Can be worn on the right or left!


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Thuasne NOX Compact Night Splint

NOX Compact Night Splint

Order this compact night splint now! Proven effective in the conservative treatment of Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spur and / or Achilles Tendon Tendonitis. Ordered today, delivered tomorrow!

€82,95 €59,95

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Thuasne Heel Spur Night Splint

Heel Spur Night Splint

This night splint is a prefabricated night orthosis for the conservative / effective treatment of Plantar Fasciitis (heel spur) and Achilles Tendinitis (Achilles tendon inflammation). Ordered today, delivered tomorrow!


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Ossur Össur FormFit Heel Spur Night Splint

Össur FormFit Heel Spur Night Splint

This night splint is a prefabricated night splint / night orthosis for the conservative treatment of heel spurs and Achilles tendon complaints.


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GO Medical Heel spur Insoles

Heel spur Insoles

These heel spur insoles are the ideal solution for complaints such as heel spurs, an inflamed tendon plate (plantar fasciitis), heel pain and other pain around the heel.

€32,95 €24,95

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Bauerfeind Ergopad Redux Heel 2 - Heel Spur Arch Support

Ergopad Redux Heel 2 - Heel Spur Arch Support

Do you suffer from severe or persistent pain in your heel or a heel spur? Then the Ergopad redux heel 2 is really something for you! This flexible insole fits in any shoe and reduces acute heel pain.

€72,95 €54,95

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Souls Footcare Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

Insoles specially designed for the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis / Tendon inflammation. Supports the arch of the foot and relieves the tendon plate. The soles hereby tackle the cause of your pain!


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Bauerfeind Viscospot


ViscoSpot® functions as a shock absorber for your heels and ankles. The elastic material absorbs impact loads and combats pain. This way you can continue to walk comfortably.


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Basko Strassburg Sock - Stretch Up

Strassburg Sock - Stretch Up

The strassburg sock is a proven means against heel spur complaints. Easy to use and inexpensive to purchase!

€42,95 €34,95

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Souls Footcare Souls Footcare Talonette Heel increase

Souls Footcare Talonette Heel increase

The Souls Footcare Talonette Heel Raising is an easy-to-apply elevation for the heel. This heel increase is available per piece and per pair & in three different heights (0.5 cm, 0.7 cm and 1 cm height). Nowhere cheaper!


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At night the tendon plate relaxes and shortens, the body also recovers at night and can repair any damage or hairline cracks on the tendon plate. Stretching this tendon plate again in the morning by loading causes the 'starting pains'. In addition, there is a risk that new hairline cracks will form in this tendon plate in the morning (Fasciitis Plantaris) . The injury can become chronic if this vicious circle is not broken.

Causes of the heel spur

There are many different causes that can lead to a heel spur. The most common cause is due to overloading the foot and tendon plate. Are many at work? Just started running? Exercising a lot? Do you wear high heels? Slumped feet? Or bad shoes? These are all kinds of ways in which heel spurs can arise.

Heel spur symptoms

  • Pain under the heel / heel
  • In the morning you have trouble walking, during the day you are fine.
  • Foot feels painful
  • Walking and running hurts
  • Hold moisture under the heel

Heel bone treatment

The purpose of a heel spur brace is to 'hold' the foot at an angle of approximately 90 degrees to the lower leg. It is not the intention to put a lot of pressure on the heel spur brace. The goal is only to prevent the foot from relaxing. Because the heel spur brace prevents the foot from relaxing during the night, there is a constant low tension on the tendon plate of the foot. This means that this tendon plate cannot relax and shorten during the night. In the morning you will notice that the starting pains become less severe because the tendon does not need to be stretched again. This is because the tendon plate is already at length thanks to the heel spur brace.

ProBrace selects only the best products, based on our practical experience and our consultation hours. From all different products and suppliers, ProBrace has made a selection of three types of night splints. Each type of heel spur night splint has specific features. Below you can see which heel spur night splint best suits your situation:

  • The Strassbourger sock : This sock is especially suitable for people who are very mobile during sleep. The disadvantage of this sock is that it 'pulls' quite a bit on the toes, which can cause cramps in the calf. The big advantage of the Strassbourger sock is that it is made entirely of textile and therefore breathable.
  • Nox Night Splint: This night splint is also suitable for belly sleepers. The big advantage of this splint is the compactness in combination with the rigidity, so that the pressure can be evenly distributed under the ball of the foot. It is actually the ideal combination between the Strassbourger sock and the UFO night splint.
  • Thuasne night splint is the largest night splint that ProBrace sells. This brace is really only suitable for people who sleep on their back or side. The big advantage of this model is the size. The pressure is evenly distributed over the entire calf and foot plate. This splint is particularly suitable for those who are quickly sensitive to pressure and / or who quickly develop muscle cramps.

Remedy the complaints during the day?

Do you also suffer from a heel spur during the day? A support sole or a gel heel can help you to reduce the complaints during the day. They do not solve the problem for you, but they do ease the pain. The body will have to resolve the heel spur complaint itself. The body does this at rest, at night. Hence, the night splints can solve the problem in the longer term:

  • Heel spur soles
  • Gel heels
  • Viscospot

Buy pain relief heel spur insoles directly online? Various heel spurs in the webshop!

Heel spurs are silicone insoles that you can easily place in your shoe. These insoles provide cushioning and pressure distribution. As a result, you will notice a relief of your pain complaints in painful heels and / or heel spur complaints.

The best heel spur insoles selected with care!

To help you the best remotely, ProBrace selects only the best products. We have gained experience in our practice and during our consultation hours to help you optimally. Our selected heel spur insoles are only of the best quality and are produced within Europe.

You can use these insoles for:


Advice from the physio about soft heel spur soles with gel?

If you are unsure about the right sole, you can contact one of our experienced employees online through our chat. They can advise you when buying the right insole. You can also ask for advice by phone or email , our helpdesk is ready for you! If you would rather fit or see the insole, you can make an appointment by telephone at one of our meeting points .

Buy heel spur insoles, insoles or arch supports? Place an order against heel spur!

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