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Foot injury - buy a brace?

The foot is exposed to many forces every day. The feet are used in almost every movement and throughout your life. That is why it can be annoying to have complaints on the foot.

The foot is constantly used in daily life. The foot gets a lot of force for every step. It should absorb body weight with every step.

Cause of foot complaints

Foot injuries are common in people who put long-term strain on their feet, walkers, runners, soccer players, and sportsmen who need to jump a lot. Sports injuries to the foot often result from bad shoes, a certain position of the feet, foot deviations such as flat feet, hollow feet, overload or incorrectly landing with jump or running forms. In addition, many neurological disorders are also known.


There are many symptoms that show which foot complaints apply to you and how these foot complaints can be remedied. But which injuries are there all? And which symptoms correspond to your complaints? To give more information about this, injuries can be seen below, which are further elaborated and explained. This includes any treatment options that are suitable for you.

  • Drop foot
  • Heel spur
  • Hallux valgus
  • Metatarsalgia