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Tennis elbow injury

Tennis elbow is no fun and can often last for a long time. A tennis elbow is also known as a tennis elbow or epicondylitis lateralis humeri. Tennis elbow is a condition in which the outside of the elbow hurts. The pain can radiate to the forearm, wrist and hand. How do you recognize a tennis elbow and what can be done about it?

Tennis elbow injury



Teyder Teyder Tennis Arm Brace Tennis Elbow

Teyder Tennis Arm Brace Tennis Elbow

Relieve your arm with the Teyder Tennis Arm Brace against a tennis elbow or golf arm. The pressure on the tendons and muscles ensures that the pain decreases quickly! Now temporarily very competitively priced!

€42,95 €29,95

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Bauerfeind Bauerfeind EpiTrain Elbow Support

Bauerfeind EpiTrain Elbow Support

The Bauerfeind EpiTrain Elbow Brace is an ideal brace for epicondylopathies (eg tennis or golfer's elbow), osteoarthritis / arthritis, postoperative and post-traumatic irritations or a tendopathy. The extra compression stage is included for free!


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Teyder Teyder Premium Elbow Brace

Teyder Premium Elbow Brace

Looking for an affordable and comfortable choice of elbow brace? Search no further! The Teyder Premium Elbow Brace is the best tool for your elbow! Temporarily discounted and guaranteed nowhere cheaper to buy!

€57,95 €44,95

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Thuasne Thuasne Epi Med ProMaster

Thuasne Epi Med ProMaster

Forearm brace to relieve the pain of a tennis elbow or golfer's elbow, relieves irritated elbow tendons. Equipped with adjustable micro Velcro closure & extra silicone inserts to increase pressure.


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Bauerfeind EpiPoint Tennis Elbow Brace

EpiPoint Tennis Elbow Brace

Bauerfeind EpiPoint, the orthosis for targeted compression around the elbow joint. This will relieve the pain and promote healing. One size fits all!


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CARE CARE Elbow Brace

CARE Elbow Brace

The CARE Elbow Brace is the brace for people with injuries around the elbow. This elbow brace provides a homogeneous compression and also has massaging silicone pads on the inside and outside. Ideal for a tennis or golfer's elbow!

€47,95 €29,95

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Thuasne Thuasne Elbow Brace Silistab Epi

Thuasne Elbow Brace Silistab Epi

The Thuasne Silistab Epi Elbow Brace is an elbow compression brace, with an optional compression strap around the forearm muscles.


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Thuasne Thuasne Tennis Arm Sports Bandage

Thuasne Tennis Arm Sports Bandage

The Thuasne Tennis Arm Sport Bandage is a universal bandage for the forearm, against the muscle and tendon complaints that arise from the consequences of a tennis arm.


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Teyder Neoprene Elbow Brace

Neoprene Elbow Brace

This Neoprene Elbow Brace is a terry cloth lined luxury elbow brace; very suitable for treating an inflammation of the elbow (such as a golfers or tennis elbow). Always the best price at ProBrace!


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What is a tennis elbow?

The muscles in the forearm allow you to perform movements with the wrist and fingers. The muscles are attached to the bone (humerus) of the upper arm by a tendon. With a tennis arm, there is an inflammation in the tendon tissue. An elbow brace can in many cases make a very good contribution to the recovery process.

Tennis arm, now what?

A tennis arm is in most cases caused by overload. During prolonged tightening and use of the muscle, small tears will develop in the tendon, which causes an unpleasant feeling. Relieve the muscles in the forearm and support them with a tennis elbow brace.

Complaints with a tennis arm

  • Pain on the outside of the elbow
  • Stinging / nagging pain in the forearm
  • Pain when squeezing / shaking hands
  • Arm / elbow can feel warm
  • With a hanging arm, the elbow can become more painful (for example, while walking)
  • Arm may feel tired during the day
  • The pain can radiate to the forearm / hand
  • There may also be pain in the neck / shoulder / upper arm

Tennis elbow treatment with a brace?

People indicate a tremendous relief of the complaints with a combination of exercises and the use of an elbow brace against the tennis arm (practice based). A tennis elbow is best treated with eccentric exercises and an elbow bandage. Taking a long rest will unfortunately have little effect. Wearing a tennis elbow brace can be to reduce and alleviate complaints in everyday life.

ProBrace can advise two different elbow braces:

The first option is to choose a tire. The band is specially designed for a tennis elbow. The band puts pressure on the tendon attachment.

  1. The Thuasne Tennis elbow strap .
  2. The Bauerfeind EpiPoint is a band specially designed for the tennis elbow. The band puts pressure on the tendon attachment. Pressure on the tendon attachment decreases the complaint.

You can also choose a brace that falls completely over the elbow brace for extra stability around the elbow joint.

  1. The CARE Elbow Brace is ideal for daily exercise, work or sports. The EpiTrain Brace from Bauerfeind provides pressure on the tendon and provides stability over the entire joint.
  2. Are you looking for a brace that provides ideal firmness and good comfort? Then the Thuasne Silistab, epi tennis elbow brace is highly recommended.