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CARE Ellegboogbandage
CARE CARE Elbow Brace

CARE Elbow Brace

The CARE Elbow Brace is for people with injuries around the elbow. This elbow brace provides a homogeneous compression and also has massaging silicone pads on the inside and outside. Ideal for a tennis or golfer's elbow!

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Thuasne Thuasne Elbow brace Silistab Epi

Thuasne Elbow brace Silistab Epi

The Thuasne Silistab Epi Elbow Brace is a compression brace for the elbow, with an optional compression step around the forearm muscles.


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Golfers elbow

The golfer's elbow, also called golfer's arm, is a painful and often an injury that can last for a long time. On average, 7 out of 1000 people get a golfer's elbow. For people in the 40 to 50 age group, the risk of this injury is the greatest, namely 13 out of 1000.

Especially golfers can suffer from a golfer's elbow due to the specific forces on these attachments during the swing. After half a year, 80% of the complaints were (virtually) restored and after one year 90%, with conservative treatment.

However, everyone can suffer from a golfer's elbow (not even golfers). The golfer's elbow is a condition in which the inside of the elbow hurts, not the outside, as described in a tennis elbow. Sometimes the pain can also be experienced in the forearm. How is a golfer's elbow acknowledged and what can be done about it?

What is a golfer's elbow

The flexing of the fingers and wrist is done by the muscles that are located on the inside of the forearm. As soon as there is a golfer's elbow the muscles will feel painful. Small hairline cracks in the attachment of the flexural muscles of the wrist, which are attached to the elbow, often prove the cause of these pain complaints. There is inflammation in the tendon.

How does a wave arm come about?

The wave arm is created by the long-term tightening and repeated execution of the same movement, for example during exercise. Due to overloading or often an unexpected heavy execution there will be small hairline cracks in the tendon which will cause pain complaints.

Symptoms and common complaints with a golfer's elbow.

  • Pain on the inside of the elbow
  • Sore and stabbing pain in the arm
  • Making a powerful fist feels painful
  • Turning the elbow inwards is painful
  • Lifting heavy materials is sensitive and painful

Treat golfers elbow with a brace?

In order to be able to fully recover, it is important to perform exercises, these are eccentric exercises. Any stretching and strength exercises can also improve strength and function recovery.

A brace or band can be effective in reducing the symptoms of a golfer's arm.

The belt exerts specific pressure on the tendon attachment. By applying pressure to the tendon attachment the forces will decrease. Choose an elbow band:

  1. Thuasne Epi tennis elbow brace
  2. Or are you looking for a brace that has more specific pressure then look at the Thuasne Epi Med Epicondylus strap.

We can also offer a brace. A brace will put less specific pressure on the tendon attachment but will provide more stability around the entire elbow. The best advise elbow brace for a golfer's elbow is:

3. Bauerfeind Epi Train