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Broken collarbone - collarbone fracture




What is a collarbone fracture / clavicular rupture?

Within the human body, one of the most common bone fractures is a broken collar bone. The collarbone bone provides the connection between the shoulder, shoulder blade and the sternum. Under the collarbone there are nerves and blood vessels that are protected by the collarbone.

The collarbone, also called clavicula in Latin, can break after a fall. The clavicle is superficially located. In many people the clavicle can be clearly seen and felt. He sits at the height of the shoulder and looks like a rib. The clavicle ensures stability of the shoulder and provides power transfer over the arm.
In addition, a rupture of the clavicle ensures protection of the nerves and blood vessels that are located just below.

Causes collarbone fracture

A rupture of the collarbone is most common in a fall on the shoulder. This fracture is most commonly seen among cyclists. They fall directly on the shoulder at high speed, where the force is absorbed by the collarbone. Also contact sports where the shoulders with high forces against each other have an increased risk. Think of rugby players and martial arts.

It is also possible that someone falls ugly with outstretched arms, the clavicle will also break.

Symptoms broken collarbone

  • Hanging arm
  • Heavy pain around the shoulder
  • Not being able to lift the shoulder
  • Bump on the collarbone (bone fracture)

Diagnosis clavicle and treatment

Diagnosing a collarbone fracture is relatively easy. The person will have a lot of pain and will not be able to lift his arm or barely.
To allow the collarbone to heal properly, it is important to rest the arm. In addition, a sling can be used. However, it is important that the arm is occasionally moved, if necessary under the supervision of a physiotherapist. Otherwise the shoulder may get stuck.

We as Probrace can provide you with a replacement for the sling:

  1. To improve the recovery of a collarbone, the Schoudersling Immo Vest is a must. This fixes the arm and the shoulder comes more in retraction, a natural position of the shoulder blade. This stimulates the recovery clavicle.
  2. Are you looking for a brace with a little more freedom of movement of the arm? Then choose the Liga flex clavicula Sleutelbee n brace. This brace also provides a passive retraction moment through which the collarbone can recover in its natural position.
  3. Looking for a better price-quality ratio? Then look at the Novamed Clavicle Brace . The brace is similar to the LigaFlex clavicle clavicle.

The same braces are available for children:

  1. Stature holder and collarbone bandage
  2. Thuasne Clavicle Brace
Broken collarbone - collarbone fracture