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Whiplash calf muscle

Many people are affected by lashes every year. A lash is nothing but a muscle tear that is located in the calf muscle. The muscle tearing is caused by a sudden strong tightening of the calf muscle.

What is a calf lash?

A lash is a muscle tear high on the inside of the calf, just below the popliteal cavity. The calf muscle provides a plantar flexion movement of the foot (stretching movement) when contracted. The calf muscle therefore provides a marketing movement. Suddenly pushing down and tightening the muscle can cause it to tear slightly, in most cases.

Whiplash calf muscle



Cause lash muscle calf

The most common cause for a calf muscle tear is during exercise. The muscle may not be warm enough due to, for example, cold weather or poor warming up. Then so much force is delivered to the muscle that the muscle breaks down. Many athletes give the example as if they were whipped, hit by a stone or kicked a shoe.

Symptoms of the calf muscle lash

  • Severe pain in the calf
  • Sharp calf pain
  • Burning pain in the calf
  • Sometimes a “snap” is heard.

Diagnosis and treatment with a calf brace

After detecting a lash, it is important that the muscle is treated is protected and rested. After the detection, ice can be used to relieve the pain. Then it is important to let the muscle rest. Do this for a few days to a week. A light load on the muscle can then be given under the supervision of a physiotherapist. The recovery from a lash is about 6 to 10 weeks.

During recovery it can be important to stretch the muscle sufficiently so that the fibers are stretched. This makes the recovery faster and better. By stretching the fibers, a night splint can be worn at night. Choose the:

Or reduce the risk of muscle tearing during exercise? Then look at a sports compression stocking. The brace provides extra compression and keeps the muscles warm during exercise.

Whiplash calf muscle