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Muscle strain of the calf

Calf muscle strained? With a heavy load it is possible for a muscle to stretch or tear (whiplash). A strain can be very annoying. Read here what you can do yourself!

What is a calf muscle strain?

When the calf muscle is strained, the muscle is stretched so far that it just does not tear. If a lot of force and load is exerted on the muscle, for example during explosive movements such as tennis , football , hockey, etc., it is possible to sustain a strain on the muscle.

Cause of a strained calf muscle

The most common calf muscle strain is during exercise. The muscles may not be warm enough after a warm up. It is also possible that the muscle is exerted in one too much load, or that the muscle is tired or overloaded.

Muscle strain of the calf



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Calf muscle strain symptoms

  • Instability in the foot
  • An increased callus formation under the foot
  • Pain in the foot

Recovery using a compression stocking!

To keep the calf muscle from straining less quickly, it may be important to keep the muscle warm. This can be done by doing a good warm-up and stretching the muscles by stretching and stretching. It is also possible to keep the muscles warm by putting on a sleeve. As a result, the muscle will cool down less quickly.

Probrace can advise the following sleeves:

The following models can be recommended for ladies: