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Non-specific back problems

What are "non-specific" back complaints

Low back complaints are relatively common. Especially when it comes to non-specific back problems. Low back pain, of which it cannot be specifically stated where the pain occurs, occurs in about 90% of all people. It differs per person which area and which points are painful and sensitive.

Nonspecific back complaints are complaints for which no specific cause has yet been demonstrated. This is partly because we cannot specifically designate a place where the pain is located. The pain is somewhere on the lower back, but where? That cannot be specifically demonstrated. That is the annoying and frustrating of nonspecific back problems. People like to know where the pain comes from and how to resolve it.
Although the pain cannot be specifically demonstrated, the complaints are certainly taken seriously.

Non-specific back problems



Teyder Teyder Premium Back Brace with Stiffeners

Teyder Premium Back Brace with Stiffeners

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Thuasne Lombacross Activity Back Support

Lombacross Activity Back Support

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Upper back Straight holder

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Teyder Teyder Belly band / Belly fracture band

Teyder Belly band / Belly fracture band

The Teyder Belly Band / Belly Fracture Band is a four-panel belly bandage that is worn around the torso, to support the abdomen (in case of an abdominal fracture), to protect (the skin) or simply to correct excess connective tissue. Nowhere cheaper!


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Thuasne Thuasne Lombafirst Back Brace

Thuasne Lombafirst Back Brace

When you do not want to walk around all day with a heavy brace around your back, but you still need the relieving benefits of a back bandage! Made of breathable and comfortable Combitex material, so it can be worn directly on the skin!


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Thuasne Thuasne Lombastart Back Support

Thuasne Lombastart Back Support

For those strenuous moments, there is Lombastart Back Brace. The extra elastic straps give that little bit of extra support on the painful area when your back asks for it. Contains flexible ribs and is made of breathable material.


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Reh4Mat Reh4Mat Lumbar Back Brace

Reh4Mat Lumbar Back Brace

The Reh4Mat Lumbar Back Brace is a very sturdy back brace to support the lumbar spine (lower back). The rubber on the back protects and supports the vertebrae. The straps can be tightened for extra compression and support.


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Cause of nonspecific back problems

Since the cause cannot be determined specifically, a suspected one is done. A big suspicion is old age, arthrosis (wear) or damage to the vertebrae. It can also be due to injury to the muscles or intervertebral discs of the back. In general, multiple structures together can be the cause.

Symptoms aspecific complaints

  • Lower back pain
  • Pain can radiate towards the buttocks
  • Radiant pain to the thighs
  • Pain can be aggravated if a wrong attitude is taken
  • Pain may increase with activities such as lifting or lugging

Treatment of non-specific complaints

Although the pain cannot be specifically indicated, there is a solution. In case of “acute” low back complaints, it is wise to keep moving. Make sure you just move regularly by doing exercises or walking.

A brace can provide support and stability in the back. The support can ensure that the back pain is reduced.