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Channel stenosis

What is a channel stenosis

A stenosis is a narrowing, in this case in the spinal cord. Spinal cord narrowing is particularly common in people over 50 years of age.

A channel stenosis is a narrowing in the spinal cord. There is an opening in the spinal cord, the spinal cord can be seen from above. The opening is also called vertebral foramen. In the opening all kinds of nerves run from top to bottom through the entire vertebral foramen. These nerves are protected by the spinal cord. When there is a channel stenosis, the opening (vertebral foramen) of the spinal canal becomes smaller and smaller. The nerves get jammed which can cause irritation.

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Channel stenosis



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Cause of canal stenosis

Old age is the most common cause of stenosis. It develops gradually but can also be congenital, they are often born with narrow or small vertebral foramen. Old age can cause osteoarthritis or a thickening in the spinal cord. This will cause the vertebral foramen to narrow and there will not be enough room for the nerves that run through it.

Infections, tumors or broken vertebrae can also lead to constrictions in the spinal canal later on.

Channel stenosis symptoms

  • The most common symptom will be pain in the legs
  • The legs feel heavy, weak and painful when walking.
  • Tingling in the legs
  • Numbness in the legs
  • A long standing period will feel painful in the back and legs
  • The pain subsides when you sit and rest, for example by sitting down

Treatment of channel stenosis using a brace

When the symptoms gradually develop due to old age or osteoarthritis, it is recommended to treat the spine conservatively. It is important to adjust the posture of the body. Complaints and pain in the spine should in any case be avoided as much as possible. Long walks and prolonged standing will not be recommended.
The position of the back is very important. It is important that the posture of the back is good. Postural advice can be important here.

Wearing a corset or brace can also help with posture stability.