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Aspecific back complaints




What are "a-specific" back complaints

Low back complaints are relatively common. Especially when it comes to the a-specific back complaints. Low back pain, of which it is not possible to specifically say where the pain occurs, occurs in approximately 90% of all people. It varies from person to area and which points are painful and sensitive.

Aspecific back complaints are complaints where up to now no specific cause can be demonstrated. This is partly because we can not specifically identify a place where the pain is located. The pain is located somewhere on the lower back, but where? That can not be specifically demonstrated. That is the annoying and frustrating aspect of non-specific back complaints. People want to know where the pain comes from and how to solve it.
Although the pain can not be demonstrated specifically, the complaints are certainly taken seriously.

Cause non-specific back complaints

Since the cause can not be determined specifically, a presumption is made. A big suspicion is old age, osteoarthritis (wear) or damage to the vertebrae. It can also be caused by injury to the muscles or intervertebral discs of the back. In general, multiple structures can be the cause together.

Symptoms aspecific complaints

  • Pain on the lower back
  • Pain can radiate towards the buttocks
  • Radiant pain to the upper legs
  • Pain can be aggravated if a wrong posture is assumed
  • The pain can increase during activities such as lifting or lifting

Treatment of non-specific complaints

Although the pain can not be specifically indicated, there is a solution. With "acute" low back pain it is wise to keep moving. Make sure that you just move with regularity by doing exercises or walking a bit.

This can provide a brace support, stability in the back. The support can ensure that the back complaints are reduced.

Aspecific back complaints