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Tarsal tunnel syndrome ankle




CARE CARE Malleo Ankle Brace

CARE Malleo Ankle Brace

The CARE Malleo Ankle Brace is an ankle compression brace with silicone pressure pads, for protection, stability and quick recovery of the ankle straps around the ankle joint. Now temporarily discounted!

€39,95 €19,95

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Bauerfeind Malleotrain S Ankle brace

Malleotrain S Ankle brace

The Bauerfeind Malleotrain S Titan has been specially developed to actively support the ankle without restricting freedom of movement. The supporting ankle brace can be used as an alternative to long-term taping.


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Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support
Thuasne Sport Ankle bandage with Straps

Sport Ankle bandage with Straps

The Thuasne Sport ankle bandage with band closure is a universally applicable sport brace. This bandage provides support without being a nuisance. The comfortable compression of the neoprene prevents moisture accumulation around the ankle.


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CARE CARE Ankle bandage

CARE Ankle bandage

The CARE Ankle Bandage provides warmth, moisture wicking and stability through compression. Especially for people with both 'thick' and 'thin' ankles. Fits guaranteed! CARE, for the best price-quality ratio!

€34,95 €16,95

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Bauerfeind Achilles tendon Brace Achillotrain Bauerfeind

Achilles tendon Brace Achillotrain Bauerfeind

In the event of pain or inflammation of the Achilles tendon, the Achillotrain Achilles tendon brace contributes to the relief of the Achilles tendon, without any limitation of mobility. Including 2 heel increases!

€79,95 €73,95

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GO Medical GO Medical Ankle Brace

GO Medical Ankle Brace

The GO Medical ankle brace offers you the best support for moderate to severe ankle complaints. The best choice price-quality ratio!

€69,95 €44,95

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Tarsal tunnel syndrome general

To be able to move a foot, we have fortunately muscles that can move the foot. However, it is also important that the foot muscles are controlled. The foot muscles are controlled by nerves. The nerves ensure that there is a signal to the muscles through which the foot can be moved in the direction that you want.

What is a tarsal tunnel syndrome

A tarsal tunnel syndrome is the tightness of the foot nerve. In this case it is the nerve tibialis. In a tarsal tunnel syndrome, there is a tightness of the tibial nerve that causes complaints in the foot, sole, toes and heel. The nerve runs within the foot, just behind the Achilles tendon. The nerve runs through the tarsal tunnel, through this tunnel blood vessels, tendons and nerves.

In a tarsal tunnel syndrome, it is the nerve that is trapped in the tunnel.

Cause tarsal tunnel syndrome

The tarsal tunnel syndrome is caused by pressure (compression) on the nerve. The compression can occur in several ways, for example due to a swelling, swelling or thickening of the foot. The compression irritates the nerve and causes pain in the foot.


  • Tingling in the foot
  • Painful feeling in the foot
  • Deaf, sleepy feeling in the foot
  • Burning sensation in the foot

Diagnosis and treatment

Multiple treatment methods are possible. For example, conservative treatments are possible for resolving a tarsal tunnel syndrome. If necessary, consulting a physiotherapist can do a lot. The pain can also be relieved if adjustment takes place in the shoes. Or use a splint, brace or crutches.
Should this all not work, then an operative treatment is also possible.
The ProBrace can provide you with advice for a Tarsal tunnel syndrome. The next brace ProBrace can advise you. The brace is provided with a lace and a band. The belt creates a setting option to fix the ankle in the right way.

  1. ASO ankle brace , for stability and rest.
Tarsal tunnel syndrome ankle