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Broken ankle ankle fracture




GO Medical GO Medical Ankle Brace

GO Medical Ankle Brace

The GO Medical ankle brace offers you the best support for moderate to severe ankle complaints. The best choice price-quality ratio!

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Basko ASO Ankle Brace

ASO Ankle Brace

The ASO ankle brace provides effective support and stability around the ankle and is successfully used therapeutically for ankle disorders and problems, often caused by sports activities.

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CARE CARE Malleo Ankle Brace

CARE Malleo Ankle Brace

The CARE Malleo Ankle Brace is an ankle compression brace with silicone pressure pads, for protection, stability and quick recovery of the ankle straps around the ankle joint. Now temporarily discounted!

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Ankle fracture

It can sometimes happen that you accidentally hit a hard blow during a sport or during a daily action. As a reflex you try to catch yourself as well as possible with your hands and feet. However, the forces that come on the hands and feet can be so great that the bones will collapse as a result. There is talk of a bone fracture.

What is a broken ankle?

There is talk of an ankle fracture when there is a fracture in the bone. The bone can break in one or more places. There is a bone fracture when the whole bone breaks or when a rupture occurs in the bone. A common ankle fracture is in the fibula. The fibula is located on the outside of the ankle joint.
However, there is a classification for the severity of the fracture. In this way the bone parts can sit against each other, then there is talk of a "neat break". But the bones can also be shifted or moved. In a serious case, a bone sticks out of the skin, there is talk of an open bone fracture. Fortunately, this is not often the case.

Cause single fault

In most cases, a bone fracture occurs due to a fall or an accident. For example, a fracture can occur due to a large force from the outside. Think of a kick or a blow.
A single fracture can also occur due to an unexpected twist on the joint. It can happen that you turn your body while the foot is still standing.

Symptoms ankle fracture

  • After the fall a severe pain in the ankle
  • Bruising
  • Swelling in the ankle
  • A "bite" can be heard or felt.
  • A distortion or hump that can be felt in the ankle
  • Unable to turn his ankle
  • Unable to move his ankle

Treatment ankle fracture?

After it has been established that the ankle can be painfully and almost no longer moved, you will have to go to the doctor. The doctor will refer you to the hospital after which the X-rays will show whether you have a broken bone. In most cases, bone fractures will be put and tipped. If the break is too severe, surgery can be involved.

After the plaster has been removed, the bones and muscles must be repaired. The quality and strength of the muscles have deteriorated. Exercises can be performed with the help of a physio. The recovery can also be accelerated with the help of a brace. A brace provides firmness and stability around the ankle joint. It can also still apply after rehabilitation because the joint can be more unstable than before.

  1. The Ossur Form fit ankle brace, is ideal to use if you are just out of the plaster. The brace can provide your ankle with optimal stability and firmness.
  2. Do you plan to slowly build up the sports but still provide the ankle with extra strength? Then choose the Aircast A60 ankle brace . This is also worn by top tennis player Andy Murray.
  3. Basko ASO Ankle Brace provides the perfect balance between strength and mechanic support of the ankle joint. The muscles can thus slowly get used again and build up strength.
  4. For a good price-quality ratio you can look at the NovaMed Ankle Brace.

The ankles of children can also break after an accident, in which case they will suffer an ankle injury which will be first plastered. A brace can be recommended for further recovery (children's sizes). The brace provides firmness and stability:

  1. Orliman children's ankle brace
  2. Push Ortho Aequi
Broken ankle ankle fracture