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GO Medical Posture Corrector

Would you like to adopt a more upright position but find it difficult to achieve? The GM Posture Corrector supports your shoulder girdle, so you can sit and stand up straight away!

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Wrong attitude? Walk upright again with the GM Posture Corrector!

If you stand a lot with the wrong posture during your work, you may experience complaints. Muscle strains can develop that give a nagging feeling between the shoulder blades (Scapula). This can result in back problems, neck complaints but also headaches. The bad posture may be related to (mild) osteoarthritis in the spine or may have been caused by habituation. The GM Posture Corrector can also be used to repair a clavicle fracture (clavicle fracture).

The GM Posture Corrector is small in size and therefore easy to wear under clothing. After you have measured and ordered the correct size yourself, you can also set the Posture Corrector according to your own wishes.

Indication settings GM Posture Corrector

  • Leaning forward position in the upper back (Kyphosis)
  • Rehabilitation process clavicle injury
  • Muscle tension between shoulder blades
  • Muscle strains that cause headaches
  • Complaints to the neck and / or upper back

Advantages and properties GM Posture Corrector

  • Improves posture
  • Relieve the muscles that pull the shoulder girdle back (detraction)
  • Easy to do
  • Small in size (not noticeable)
  • Not suitable for people with a pacemaker!

How to measure the back holder

For the right size, measure the size of your torso, near your belly button. You can then find the correct size in the table below. When in doubt, choose the largest size.

Measure Size
S 65 - 75 cm
M 75 - 85 cm
L 85 - 95 cm
XL 95 - 105 cm
XXL 105 - 115 cm

NB: The GM Posture Corrector is supplied in black as standard.

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