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Buying a walking stick?

Below is a selection of walking sticks. ProBrace has contact with various suppliers at home and abroad. From a wide range of walking sticks, ProBrace has selected the best products for you.

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Buying a walking stick?



Thuasne Walking Stick Soft Grip - The most luxurious walking stick!

Walking Stick Soft Grip - The most luxurious walking stick!

The Thuasne Soft-Grip walking stick is the most luxurious walking stick on the market. This walking stick comes standard with a safety cord, has an anatomical handle and carries up to 130 kg body weight!


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Thuasne Aluminum Walking Stick with Anatomical Handle

Aluminum Walking Stick with Anatomical Handle

This aluminum walking stick with anatomical handle always feels good in the hand, is lightweight and has a sound-absorbing ring for silent use.


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Thuasne Foldable Walking Stick - Adjustable in height

Foldable Walking Stick - Adjustable in height

Do you find it difficult that you cannot store your walking stick properly? No more from now on! With this folding walking stick you always have your compact walking stick with you and it is easy to store!


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Thuasne Aluminum Walking Stick with Wooden T-shape Handle

Aluminum Walking Stick with Wooden T-shape Handle

This stick is made of aluminum and the T-shape handle of wood. Moreover, this walking stick is easy to set in 10 different heights!


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Need a walking stick?

The walking stick is one of the lightest and most famous walking aids. A walking stick can be used for people who have (temporary) mobility problems. This can be caused by general walking problems, but it can also be caused by an injury such as a sprain or post-operative treatment.

A walking stick provides relief when you get tired quickly and gives you a better balance when you have a balance problem. In many cases, a walking stick increases mobility and thus also increases the walking range and the feeling of freedom.


Qualitative custom walking stick

We offer a complete range of walking sticks so that one always meets your needs. This range ranges from a classic wooden walking stick to a luxurious, lightweight aluminum walking stick. With us you can order walking sticks with an anatomical or ergonomic handle, but also with a classic round handle or T-shaped handle. An anatomical handle ensures optimal pressure distribution and is very suitable if you (quickly) suffer from your hand. Walking poles with these handles are available for left and right.

Some walking sticks are height adjustable, by sliding them in or out so that you can maintain a good walking pattern. You also have the option of choosing a walking stick with a safety lanyard, so you don't have to bend over to pick up your support and shelter.

When you are on the road regularly or do not always need the walking stick, our folding stick can be an excellent option. This fits easily in a bag, making it easy to carry. All our walking sticks have a rubber cap, which gives you maximum grip on the ground. This is ideal if you also want to use the walking stick when walking on stairs. In addition, this rubber cap also works sound-absorbing and the stick can therefore be used both indoors and outdoors.


Which walking stick should I choose?

There are three things to consider when choosing your walking stick. The first is your weight, the second is the goal; what will you use your walking stick for? What are your wishes in terms of advantages and disadvantages? And last but not least: which one do you like best? After all, the eye also wants something! ProBrace has made an indication for you.


Kind of walking stick Weight (max.) Pros and cons*
Wooden walking stick with round handle 100 kg
- Lightweight
- Round handle
Foldable walking stick adjustable (black) 100 kg
- Adjustable in height
- Collapsible
Aluminum walking stick with T-shaped wooden handle 100 kg
- in 10 different heights
- Relatively heavy
Wooden walking stick with T-shaped handle 100 kg
- Lightweight
- Not adjustable in height
Aluminum walking stick with anatomical handle 100 kg
- Adjustable in height
- Anatomical handle

Luxury walking stick with soft grip 130 kg
- Adjustable in height
- Safety cord
- Can be loaded up to 130 kg


* All advantages and disadvantages have been determined on the basis of a mutual comparison.


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