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Want to buy an anatomical & orthopedic pillow?

ProBrace has researched many different pillows and had them extensively tested by physiotherapists. The selection below has led to the best anatomical pillows on the market today. These pillows are not only comfortable, but are also well priced!

Are you unsure? Let yourself be advised completely free of charge by one of our physio's !

Want to buy an anatomical & orthopedic pillow?



Thuasne Cervi + Memory Foam G3 Pillow

Cervi + Memory Foam G3 Pillow

The Cervi + orthopedic pillow from Thuasne is a very comfortable pillow that supports the neck and cervical vertebrae without straining the shoulders. Ideal for (high) hernia or whiplash complaints.


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Thuasne Cervi + cushion cover

Cervi + cushion cover

For hygienic reasons, it is desirable to wash the cover of a pillow. Due to the contoured shape of the orthopedic Cervi + pillow, a normal pillowcase folds, which does not benefit comfort.


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What is the best sleeping position?  

Sleeping is very important to you, we all know that. We also sleep about 30% of our lives. For this reason, it is of course extremely important that you have good posture when you sleep. But what is a good sleeping position? And which pillow is a good pillow?


Sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your back is a natural position for your body and also a neutral position for your spine (if you use a pillow). By lying on your back, you put less stress on the vertebrae of your spine and there is virtually no pressure on your organs. Your body says; ideal! The disadvantage is that people who sleep on their back often snore. Not a disaster for yourself, but annoying for your partner.


Sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach is a position that is definitely not good for your spine. Lying on your stomach increases the pressure on the lumbar spine (low back) and you often lie with a twisted cervical spine (a twisted neck). This rotation in your neck is to the left or right and is often an end position of your rotation in the neck. This posture creates a lot of pressure and strain on your cervical vertebrae, which of course can lead to a lot of pain and complaints. So don't!


Sleeping on your side

Most people sleep on their side. Besides the fact that this is an anatomically good posture for your body and the pressure on the spine is minimal, it is also a very friendly and social posture. Side sleepers also seem to be real people.


The perfect sleeping position: which pillow should I choose?

Unfortunately, the perfect sleeping position does not exist, but you can make sure that you get as close as possible to it. You do this with a Cervi + pillow from Thuasne . Thuasne has developed a 'normal' and a 'maxi' format for people who prefer a smaller or larger pillow.