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GO Medical Hammer Toe Package

Do you suffer from one or more hammer toes? We have compiled the most popular hammer toe products for a competitive price!


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GO Medical Hammer Toe Package - The most effective products in 1 package!

A composition of our best hammer toe products. The complaints with a hammer toe are very diverse. With this specially formulated package you will find the product that suits you best.

When you have one or more hammer toes, this can have various causes. The causes often have in common that they disturb the balance between the stretch and flexor tendons on the toe. A hollow foot, sinews that are too short, sagging forefoot or a wrong shoe can underlie the complaints.

The GO Medical Hammer Toe package contains 3 hammer toe products with which you can alternate. Two pairs of hammer toe correctors with 1 ring for support and two pairs with 3 rings for multi-toe correction. The pain on the toe tops decreases and your support surface increases, giving you a better balance. These products also prevent the formation of calluses, corns, blisters and wounds. You wear the Softgel toe protector in particular to protect the painful spots on the toe in your shoe. In the photo you can see this over the big toe, but due to the elastic properties of the material, they can be used for all toes.

The GO Medical Hammer Toe package consists of our 3 best-selling hammer toe products:

With this offer you will receive 3 pairs of products for the price of 2!

NB: For hygiene reasons, this product cannot be returned!

Indications for wearing the GO Medical hammer toe products

  • Hammer toe (bent toe) / Claw toe
  • Corns
  • Blisters under the toe
  • Wounds and inflammation under the toe
  • Straight / free laying of the toe with a broken toe
  • Other complications where the toe must be kept straight

Features and Benefits Go Medical Hammer Toe Package

  • Easy to apply independently
  • Easy to clean with water
  • Silicone material: strong, elastic & skin-friendly!
  • Universal size, always fits!

NB: For hygiene reasons, this product cannot be returned!

How to measure?

All products in this package are universal. So you don't have to measure anything.

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