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GO Medical Hallux Valgus Sock

A Hallux Valgus toe corrector to wear at night. Prevents the toe from being tilted further. More comfortable to wear in bed than other splints due to the lack of hard parts.


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GO Medical Hallux Valgus Sock - Soft toe corrector for a crooked toe!

Hallux Valgus corrector without hard parts: Very comfortable to wear in bed!

When your big toe is skewed, we call this a Hallux Valgus or 'Knob toe'. This position of the toe can, in addition to painful spots, also cause cosmetic problems. To prevent worsening of the skew, you can wear a night splint at night, but from now on it is also possible during the day (!), With this hallux valgus sock! You can easily wear this sock under your socks. And / or if you prefer not to lie in bed with a hard splint around your foot, the Hallux Valgus Sock is the solution for you. The elastic material of the sock makes the correction on the big toe when you tighten it around the heel.

NB: For hygiene reasons, this product cannot be returned!

Indication statements Hallux Valgus Sock

  • Hallux Valgus (Inward big toe)
  • Use before surgery
  • Use after performing surgery
  • Lump on the big toe
  • Big toe bunion formation
  • Suffering from blisters
  • Corns
  • Mold between the toes
  • Cosmetic tilt of the big toe
  • Sensitive skin

Features and benefits Hallux Valgus Sock

  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Better fit: separate sock available for left and right
  • Corrects the big toe
  • Does not contain hard parts
  • Comfortable to sleep with
  • Can be worn under your socks during the day
  • Reduces the aggravation of skew

How to measure

The GO Medical Hallux Valgus sock is available for right, left or right + left and in 2 sizes. You can easily determine the size yourself based on your shoe size in the size chart below.

Measure Shoe size
1 35 - 41
2 42 - 48

NB: For hygiene reasons, this product cannot be returned!

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