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GO Medical Night splint Heel track + free instep pad for extra comfort

This night splint is the best tool for treating complaints caused by heel spurs. You wear the splint overnight. You use the free ball supplied during the day to massage the tendon plate under your foot.


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Night splint Heel track + free pad and exercise ball

This heel spur for the night is the solution for complaints caused by heel spurs. The night splint is worn during the night for mild stretch on the tendon plate under your foot. The pad supplied free of charge can be placed under the night splint for greater wearing comfort (see images). You use the free supplied ball during the day to massage the sole of the foot. The combination of a day and night has proven to be the best method for treating heel spur complaints!

Indication settings of the GO Medical Night Splint Heel Track

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Features and benefits Night splint Heel track

The night splint is easy to use thanks to the simple Velcro closure. This night splint features a breathable cover and a lightweight plastic construction to ensure wearing comfort. The angle at which the ankle joint is located is infinitely adjustable by bending the material . It is advisable to start with a low stretch. Thanks to the compact design, it is also possible to treat complaints on both sides with this night splint, by wearing two night splints at the same time.

How to measure

This night splint is universal (can be worn on the right and left) and in most cases is suitable for shoe sizes 35 to 45 . You can bend this orthosis yourself for the best fit and optimal stretch on the tendon plate.


  • Wear the night splint for a minimum of six weeks every night for best results. When putting on, you can feel a minimal stretch on the bottom of the foot. Build up this rack very slowly during the first 2 weeks.
  • When pressing on the instep you can adjust the angle of the aluminum rib (bend) until this complaint is resolved.

Note: This product is not made for comfort, it has a purpose to keep the tendon rack stretched at rest. This can be experienced as uncomfortable!

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