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Thuasne Genu PFS ProMaster Patella Brace

Kneecap brace with adjustable patella pad from the new ProMaster line from Thuasne is an active corrective patella brace. This knee brace reduces the chance of a patella luxation and supports with patellofemoral pain complaints!


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Thuasne Genu PFS ProMaster - Adjustable kneecap support!

With the Genu PFS Promaster knee brace with adjustable kneecap support you get a high-quality knee brace from the new Thuasne ProMaster line! This knee brace is specially made to support the kneecap while stretching and bending the knee. The adjustable and anatomically shaped kneecap pad grips the kneecap and supports it in the lateral direction. This will reduce the chance of (sub) luxation of the kneecap.
The Thuasne Genu PFS ProMaster has a very slim fit, without compromising on the support this patella brace offers. The anatomically designed knitting ensures very high wearing comfort!

Indication Genu PFS ProMaster Knee Brace

  • (Sub) luxation of the Patella
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Severe degenerative change of the patella groove
  • Post-operative deployment after MPFL construction
  • Medial lighting on the kneecap
  • Lateralization of Patella
  • Instella complaints Patella
  • Retropatellar osteoarthritis

Features and benefits Genu PFS ProMaster Knee Brace

  • Anatomically shaped patella pad
  • Integrated hinges
  • Traction system for the correction and securing of the patella groove
  • 3D fabric over the kneecap
  • High elastic 3D fabric in the popliteal cavity
  • Elastic fabric bandage
  • Latex free

How to determine the correct size of the Thuasne Genu PFS?

You can easily determine the correct size for the Genu PFS ProMaster yourself. Sit on the tip of a chair and keep the knee slightly bent. With the circumference of your leg 14 cm above the knee and 12 cm below the knee. Then you can see in the size chart below which size is most suitable for you. This knee brace is available in a right and a left version .

Thigh circumference (2)

Scope of lower leg (1)

XXS 35-38 cm 25-28 cm
XS 38-41 cm 28-31 cm
S 41-44 cm 31-34 cm
M 44-47 cm 34-37 cm
L 47-50 cm 37-40 cm
XL 50-53 cm 40-43 cm
XXL 53-56 cm 43-46 cm


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Kato Verweij Posted on 2 April 2019 at 15:04

Fijne brace die zorgt dat mijn knieschijf niet meer uit de kom schiet. Bedankt voor de service!