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GO Medical Heel Spur Gel Heels (Per Pair)

Buy heel spur gel heels for heel spurs, Achilles tendon complaints or Sever's disease? These comfortable half gel heels are the ideal cushioning in your shoe!

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Heel Spur Gel Heels - Easy relief from heel pain!

A comfortable heel cushion made of viscoelastic material, specially developed for heel pain.

The Comfort Heel Cups are gel heels specially designed and developed for people with heel pain, Achilles tendon complaints, m. Sever, heel spur complaints and other complaints on and around the heel. In addition, the gel heels provide shock absorption with every step, the built-in heel lift reduces the pressure on the Achilles tendon. This may be desirable during exercise, but also while walking in everyday life (eg while working). By wearing these gel heels you reduce the pressure on the heel bone and surrounding structures such as muscles, tendons & bands so that they get more rest and therefore recover faster. You can also use 1 gel heel to correct a leg length difference of up to 10mm.


Indications for wearing the Gel Heels

  • (Incipient) heel pain
  • Heel spur complaints (read more here )
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Heel pain
  • Haglund's Exostosis
  • Morbus Sever's disease (heel pain in children) (read more here )
  • Osteoarthritis in the foot, ankle, knee or hip.
  • Wear symptoms of the spine
  • Achilles tendon complaints (Achillodynia, inflammation of the Achilles tendon) (read more here )
  • Eliminate leg length difference (max 10mm), by using one-sided
  • Heel cushioning (comfort)
  • Long-term load (standing for a long time, walking for a long time, etc.)
  • Can be used preventively

Properties and benefits of the Gel Heels

  • Standard delivered in pairs
  • Easy to wear in almost any shoe
  • Anti-slip (Sticks to the shoe sole)
  • Not visible from the outside
  • Silicone; easy to deform and damping
  • Lightweight
  • Heel increase 1 cm
  • Instant relief of heel pain!

How to measure?

You simply place this gel heel cup in your shoes. Due to the adhesive strip on the gel heels, they do not slide in the shoes. This can be in your sports shoes, but can also be worn during daily life (work, shopping, etc.). The gel heels can be worn in any type of shoes, are supplied per pair as standard and you determine the correct size by determining your shoe size.

The gel heels are available in 2 sizes. Size 1 (red heel cup) is for shoe size 35 - 39 and size 2 (blue heel cup) is for shoe size 40 - 48. For the correct size, see the size chart below.

Determine your size

Measure Shoe size
1 35 - 39
2 40 - 48


For long-term or chronic complaints, it is often recommended to supplement the use of the silicone heels with a night splint. This night splint also gives the irritated structures rest and recovery during the night. You can also combine the silicone heels with one of our night splints in the packages below and benefit directly from the combination advantage:

- Heel track package 'Basic'
- Heel track package 'Premium'
- Heel track package 'De-Luxe'


- If dirt and dust sticks to the heels during use, simply rinse them under the tap and let them air dry.
- For optimal functioning it is desirable to wear a shoe with a closed heel enclosure.

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Katy Posted on 21 December 2020 at 19:42

Maat voering is wat klein .als u maat 39 hebt bestel dan 40