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PSB Patella brace sport

A patella brace is used for complaints around and on the kneecap and for complaints about the tendon under the kneecap. This brace is often used during exercise.

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PSB Patella brace - Sport kneecap brace!

The PSB patella brace is a simple and effective strap under the kneecap, it is used especially during exercise. This kneecap brace is particularly advisable with a jumpers knee or complaints about the tendon of the patella .
This product is no longer made and has been replaced by the Push Sports Patella brace . Another good alternative to this brace is this Patella brace .

Indications patella brace

  • Overload / complaints of the knee tendon
  • Jumpers knee
  • Patella femoral pain complaints
  • Patella mold tracking
Support class 1

Features and benefits of the patella brace

  • Easy in use
  • Does not sag thanks to silicone
  • Does not pinch thanks to elastic material properties

Determine your size

The brace is available in one size and can be used both left and right .
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