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Viofix Novamed / Viofix posture corrector
Viofix Knee Brace with Hinges

Knee Brace with Hinges

The Viofix knee brace with hinges is a knee brace especially for people with heavier knee injuries. This includes serious instabilities, knee band lesions, status after ACL reconstruction or before / after a meniscus treatment.

€112,95 €32,95

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Viofix Viofix groin hernia (single)

Viofix groin hernia (single)

This groin hernia band from Viofix can be used for the treatment of an inguinal hernia. You wear this inguinal hernia band as a conservative treatment for an inguinal hernia or for support after surgery.

€67,95 €45,95

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Viofix Strassburg Sock - Copy
Viofix Hallux Valgus Teenbrace - Copy
Viofix NovaMed Dijbeenbrace - Copy
Viofix Groin hernia band Viofix (double)

Groin hernia band Viofix (double)

This inguinal hernia is used to support the conservative treatment of an inguinal hernia or abdominal wall fracture in the groin.

€72,95 €47,95

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Viofix NovaMed Kuitbrace - Copy
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