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Townsend Design is a company based in Bakerfield California. This company specializes in the design and manufacture of orthopedic aids. All braces are designed for patients who have an injury, surgery or other medical indication, making functional movement a challenge. Clinical studies and user experience have proven that these braces have a positive effect on the physical condition of the patients and their quality of life.

Spearhead of Townsend are their rigid knee braces, designed cruciate ligament injuries and joint wear (osteoarthritis). In addition, they produce carbon leg braces for long-term use and post-operative braces for short-term use after surgery.

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Townsend Undersleeves 18 '' (cotton)

Undersleeves 18 '' (cotton)

The Townsend Undersleeves (cotton) are socks that are worn under a knee brace, to avoid pressure marks. Ideal to create more wearing comfort while wearing your (sports) knee brace!


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