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Thuasne is a company specialized in making tools, with their 'roots' in France. Since their inception in 1847, they have had the goal of improving people's mobility. Thuasne offers a solution for almost every physical movement complaint. You will usually find a Thuasne brace in both the slightly lower and higher price ranges. You therefore choose a Thuasne brace when you want to go for a very solid product with a good price. The quality of the Thuasne braces is determined by the high-quality materials and the comfortable design. This is important because a Thuasne brace is worn for a long time in many injuries.

Thuasne considers the quality of the orthopedic device of paramount importance. This means that the existing orthoses, braces and bandages are of high quality, but also that Thuasne likes to invest in the development of new medical and orthopedic products. Together with practitioners, they are constantly innovating and improving. This also includes Thuasne conducting scientific research to test whether their products are actually effective.




Thuasne Ligaflex Manu Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint

Ligaflex Manu Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint

The Ligaflex Manu Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint is a thumb and wrist brace in one and provides maximum support and protection. The wrist brace is ideal for instability, tendonitis, m. Quervain, ski thumb or with a carpal tunnel syndrome.


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Thuasne Ligaflex Classic Wrist Brace

Ligaflex Classic Wrist Brace

The Thuasne Ligaflex Classic Wrist Brace is a comfortable wrist splint and ideal for wrist sprains, traumatic wrist problems, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) or instability of the wrist joint.


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Thuasne Heel Spur Night Splint

Heel Spur Night Splint

This night splint is a prefabricated night orthosis for the conservative / effective treatment of Plantar Fasciitis (heel spur) and Achilles Tendinitis (Achilles tendon inflammation). Ordered today, delivered tomorrow!


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Thuasne Sports Thumb Bandage / Wrist Bandage

Sports Thumb Bandage / Wrist Bandage

The Thuasne Sport Thumb Bandage: a functional and comfortable thumb and wrist bandage in one with reinforcement at the thumb for extra support of the CMC and MCP joint.


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Thuasne Thuasne Mallet Finger Finger Splint

Thuasne Mallet Finger Finger Splint

With a mallet / hammer finger there is a tear in the extensor tendon of the finger. The Thuasne Mallet Finger Finger Splint splints the last joint of the finger, so that the tendon rests and can recover.


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Thuasne Ligaflex Rhizo Thumb Brace

Ligaflex Rhizo Thumb Brace

The Ligaflex Rhizo Thumb Brace has a metal wire reinforcement, which immobilizes the thumb in a non-painful position. The pressure that the brace gives is easy to regulate and therefore ideal in case of thumb arthrosis.


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Thuasne Ortel groin hernia

Ortel groin hernia

The fracture band can be used for a groin fracture on the left or right side or on both sides. The hernia band has a high wearing comfort due to the silicone pad.

€82,95 €69,95

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Thuasne Thuasne Elbow Brace Silistab Epi

Thuasne Elbow Brace Silistab Epi

The Thuasne Silistab Epi Elbow Brace is an elbow compression brace, with an optional compression strap around the forearm muscles.


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Thuasne Thuasne Rhizo Pro Thumb Brace

Thuasne Rhizo Pro Thumb Brace

Rigid thumb brace to immobilize the thumb with breathable and anatomically shaped thumb shell. Suitable for sprains, arthrosis and tendinopathies (such as Quervain) on the thumb!


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Thuasne Malleo Dynastab Ankle Brace

Malleo Dynastab Ankle Brace

The lightweight Thuasne Malleo Dynastab with lacing is the latest ankle brace from Thuasne. An extra thin profile so that it can be easily worn in the shoe.


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Thuasne Sport Ankle Bandage with Straps

Sport Ankle Bandage with Straps

The Thuasne Sport ankle bandage with strap closure is a universally applicable sports brace. This bandage provides support without being a nuisance. The comfortable neoprene compression prevents moisture build-up around the ankle.


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Thuasne Genu Ligaflex Knee Brace

Genu Ligaflex Knee Brace

With an unstable knee, bandage and / or meniscal injury, the Thuasne Genu Ligaflex with the patented TM5 hinge provides proper support for your knee, without hindering your freedom of movement!


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Thuasne NOX Compact Night Splint

NOX Compact Night Splint

Order this compact night splint now! Proven effective in the conservative treatment of Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spur and / or Achilles Tendon Tendonitis. Ordered today, delivered tomorrow!

€82,95 €59,95

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Thuasne Quatro Rollator

Quatro Rollator

The Thuasne Quatro walker is the figurehead of walkers in Europe. This walker has been the standard among walkers for more than 30 years, and for good reason.


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Thuasne Dynastab Dual Compact Wrist Brace

Dynastab Dual Compact Wrist Brace

The Thuasne Dynastab Dual is an ideal wrist brace for starting wrist complaints or a sprain. This wrist brace is compact, easy to use and the degree of support is easy to adjust using various included ribs.


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Thuasne Neoprene Knee Bandage with Stiffeners

Neoprene Knee Bandage with Stiffeners

The Thuasne neoprene knee bandage is a knee brace that is often used during (water) sports. The ribs on the side of the brace support the knee joint in its function for optimal sports performance!

€47,95 €39,95

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Thuasne Thuasne Genu ProMaster Knee Brace

Thuasne Genu ProMaster Knee Brace

The Genu ProMaster is an all-round knee brace - crowned with the German Design Award! - that can be used for mild to moderate complaints of pain, osteoarthritis, meniscal damage, cartilage injury and knee instability.

€82,95 €59,95

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Thuasne Epi Med Elbow Brace

Epi Med Elbow Brace

The Thuasne Epi Med elbow brace is an ideal brace for the so-called tennis or golfer's elbow and can be used during exercise, work and sport.

€37,95 €34,95

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Thuasne Lombacross Activity Backrest

Lombacross Activity Backrest

The Thuasne Lombacross Activity Back Support is the perfect support for your back problems! This backrest always offers you the desired back support through the extra straps that you can loosen and tighten yourself!

€122,99 €99,95

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Thuasne Thuasne Genu Dynastab Knee Brace with Stiffeners

Thuasne Genu Dynastab Knee Brace with Stiffeners

The Thuasne Genu Dynastab Knee Brace with ribs is the ideal knee brace for moderate to severe knee problems. The ribs with two-axis hinges offer you optimal support and stability!


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Thuasne Thuasne Silistab Achillo Achilles tendon brace

Thuasne Silistab Achillo Achilles tendon brace

In case of irritation or inflammation of the Achilles tendon, the Silistab Achillo Achilles tendon brace provides pain relief without any restrictions on freedom of movement! Includes 2 heel cushions! Can be worn in any (sports) shoe!

€72,95 €69,95

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Thuasne Ligaflex Clavicula Clavicle Brace

Ligaflex Clavicula Clavicle Brace

Clavicle Clavicle Clavicle Clavicle Brace, to immobilize the clavicle. This clavicle brace is used in the treatment of clavicle fractures and glenohumeral instability (head and bowl instability of the shoulder).


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Thuasne Thuasne Ligaflex Pro Plus Wrist and Thumb Brace in one

Thuasne Ligaflex Pro Plus Wrist and Thumb Brace in one

The Thuasne Ligaflex Pro Plus Wrist Brace has a handy pull-on system that can be put on with one hand. In addition, this wrist brace has two anatomical ribs on the bottom and side, to support the wrist and thumb.


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Thuasne Neoprene ankle bandage

Neoprene ankle bandage

When you have ankle complaints during water sports, it can sometimes be difficult to find a suitable solution. Often the products are clumsy or do not tolerate water well. Thanks to the Thuasne Neoprene Ankle Bandage, that problem is now over.


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Thuasne brace per injuries

You will find a Thuasne brace for every injury and every complaint. When you choose a brace Thuasne, you are guaranteed to buy a good quality brace for a good price. Below we have made a small selection from our brace Thuasne range.

Thuasne Achilles tendon brace (

This Thuasne Achilles tendon brace around the ankle is specially made to support the Achilles tendon. The brace for the Achilles tendon has a thin fit and the heel cushions provide a massaging effect on the Achilles tendon.

Thuasne thigh brace ( support bandage- thigh.html)

This Thuasne thigh brace provides warmth and better blood flow in the thigh. Designed for hamstring or quadriceps injuries.

Thuasne thumb brace (

This Thuasne thumb brace has an immobilizing effect to support the thumb. Suitable for a ski thumb, Quervain syndrome, bruised thumb, sprained thumb, osteoarthritis thumb and general thumb pain.

Thuasne elbow brace (

This Thuasne elbow brace is suitable for a tennis elbow or golfer's elbow (possibly written as an elbow). This is also known as Epicondylitis lateralis or epicondylitits medialis. The elbow brace supports the tendon attachment in case of inflammation or an overload complaint.

Pain in the bottom of the foot due to heel spurs? Thuasne heel spur brace! (

The Thuasne heel spur brace can be used for heel spurs, plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis. This compact splint is comfortable to use and reduces morning pain on the bottom of the foot.

Do you suffer from tennis elbow or golfer's elbow? Thuasne tennis elbow brace or golfer's elbow brace (

This Thuasne brace for a tennis elbow or golfer's elbow (also called medial / lateral epicondylitis) reduces pain at your elbow. Simple, comfortable and easy to use!

Ankle sprained and looking for a good ankle brace? Thuasne ankle brace (

This Thuasne brace supports the ankle and provides more stability. For example, the ankle brace is well suited for a sprained ankle or sprained ankle.

Need support for knee osteoarthritis? Thuasne knee brace (

This Thuasne brace is a knee brace with a high support. The knee brace can be used for complaints of the meniscus knee brace, anterior cruciate ligament knee brace, posterior cruciate ligament, collateral knee bands. The ribs with hinges in the knee brace provide good quality support in a knee brace that feels very comfortable.

Kneecap dislocated and looking for a brace? Thuasne kneecap brace (

This Thuasne brace is specially made to support the kneecap. When the kneecap dislocates (also called patellar luxation), this kneecap brace is a good tool. The adjustable correction wire provides precise support during bending and stretching of the knee.

Calf injury and start running again? Thuasne calf brace men ( & women ( -sleeves-up-women.html)

The Thuasne calf brace and thuasne compression stockings improve blood flow in the lower leg. Among other things, with an injury to the calf, hairline cracks, calf muscle, whipping calf muscle, vascular problems, muscle pain in the lower leg, increased muscle tension, the Thuasne calf brace / compression stocking is a suitable aid!

Postpone surgery for a groin hernia? Thuasne inguinal hernia (

The Thuasne inguinal hernia is suitable for a single-sided and double-sided inguinal hernia. The band gives the necessary pressure on the inguinal hernia.

Pain on your wrist and looking for a good wrist brace? Thuasne wrist brace (

The Thuasne wrist brace is suitable for various wrist injuries. Think of wrist osteoarthritis, wrist rheumatism, wrist carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) or a sprained wrist. The splint is a good quality support on the wrist and is very comfortable.

Do you suffer from your lower back and need a back brace? Thuasne back brace (

The Thuasne back brace is designed to support the lower back. If you suffer from back pain or back pain, the Thuasne back brace provides the necessary support. The back pain decreases and sitting and standing becomes easier.

Shoulder pain and looking for a shoulder brace? Thuasne shoulder brace (

The Thuasne shoulder bandage or shoulder brace supports the shoulder straps and the shoulder girdle. In case of pain or complaints on the shoulder, instability problems (feeling unstable), shoulder pain, rotator cuff problem, frozen shoulder, tendopathy, myopathy, strained muscles in the shoulder girdle, the thuasne shoulder brace is a suitable aid!

 Broken clavicle and looking for a clavicle brace? Thuasne clavicle brace ( clavicle brace.html)

The Thuasne clavicle brace is a good brace for a broken clavicle or broken clavicle (clavicle fracture). The thuasne clavicle brace serves as a treatment for a broken clavicle (clavicle) and ensures that the fracture grows together nicely.

As you can see, Thuasne offers a very wide range of braces. Literally from head to toe! If you would like to order a brace, but don't really know what to look for. Each product page contains indications for the thuasne brace. This way you can check whether the brace you are looking at is suitable for your complaints.

Thuasne ProMaster line

Thuasne has recently set up the new ProMaster line. This new line consists of premium Thuasne braces of the highest quality without concessions. Promaster elbow braces, wrist braces, thumb braces, back braces, knee braces and ankle braces for everyday and sports activities. Thuasne has managed to sell these very high-quality braces for an affordable price! View some examples of a Thuasne ProMaster brace via the links below:

Thuasne Genu ProMaster knee brace (

Thuasne Genu FS ProMaster kneecap knee brace (

Thuasne Epi Med ProMaster tennis elbow brace (

Thuasne Patella Reliever kneecap brace (

The latter product has won the German Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award. The Thuasne ProMaster braces are not only of high quality in fit and support, but also look tasteful!

Thuasne designs its products as closely as possible to the human anatomy, using durable and skin-friendly materials. And you can feel it!

For more information we would like to refer you to the following link! If you want to order a product that you do not find in our range, please contact us! We can order this for you at your request.