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Push is a Dutch brand of Nea International. Nea International BV is a rapidly growing company active in the field of orthopedic braces. Nea is a fully owned subsidiary of the Macintosh Retail Group. Nea International bv, founded in Maastricht, is a knowledge-based innovator with extensive experience in developing and manufacturing orthopedic braces and related services. In addition to his own expertise, know-how and resources, Nea has access to the resources and expertise of a network of scientists, specialists and technicians from a variety of disciplines. NEA International is committed to maintaining expertise in the treatment of joint injuries and chronic conditions.

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Push Push Med Knee Brace

Push Med Knee Brace

The Push Med Knee Brace provides support for forward and backward movements and does not give in to sideways movement, which ensures stability of the knee. The Sympress material of the Push Med Knee Brace feels like a second skin.


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Push Push CMC Thumb Brace

Push CMC Thumb Brace

The Push CMC Thumb Brace stabilizes the base joint of the thumb and positions the metacarpal bone of the thumb in a functional position. This preserves the function of the hand, but the pain is much less.


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Push Push Med Epi Epicondylitis Band

Push Med Epi Epicondylitis Band

The Push Med elbow brace Epi is a very luxurious and comfortable brace that can be used with a tennis and/or golfer's elbow.

€62,95 €49,95

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Push Push Med Wrist Brace

Push Med Wrist Brace

The comfortable Push Med Wrist Brace fits very well around the wrist/hand, as you can see in the images. This wrist brace offers you the desired support & pain relief without restricting your freedom of movement!


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Push Push Med Neck Brace

Push Med Neck Brace

The Push Med Neck Brace is a very comfortable anatomically preformed neck brace made of form-retaining foam. The neck brace contains a removable part for extra reinforcement.


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Push Ortho Aequi Junior - Children's Ankle Brace

Ortho Aequi Junior - Children's Ankle Brace

Are you looking for an ankle brace for your child? The Ortho Aequi ankle brace from Push is the ankle brace for children with ankle complaints.

€92,95 €69,95

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Push Push Med Patella Knee Strap

Push Med Patella Knee Strap

The Push Med Patella knee brace provides local pressure on the patellar tendon and supports the patella (knee disc). This relieves the attachment of the thigh muscle and reduces the pulling force on the lower leg, which reduces pain.

€58,95 €49,95

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