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Orliman started as an orthopedic company over 70 years ago in Valencia, Spain. The company was founded in the last decade for the development and mass production of orthopedic products. The company's strategy is based on continuous research into and into new products. They also check whether the quality and performance of these products, personal service and attention for the customer is maximized. They do this through ongoing assessments of the needs of the market and customer.

Orliman produces a wide range of products using the latest textile technology and applying therapeutic criteria at all stages of production. All Orliman products undergo constant quality controls during the manufacturing process to ensure the safety and comfort of patients.




Orliman Boxia Folding Foot Foot-up Orthosis

Boxia Folding Foot Foot-up Orthosis

The Boxia is a light and dynamic bandage for people with a drop foot. The ergonomic design and the optional accessories make the Boxia one of the most comfortable folding foot bandages on the market.


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Orliman Orliman Single-sided hernia

Orliman Single-sided hernia

The Orliman single-sided inguinal hernia band is a band that has been successfully used for many years for an abdominal wall or inguinal hernia on the right or left side in the groin region. You can wear the inguinal hernia belt both before and after an o


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Orliman Manutec Thumb Brace

Manutec Thumb Brace

The Orliman Manutec Thumb Brace is a thin thumb brace that supports the thumb joint (CMC) well. This thumb brace can be used during everyday work and sports.


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Orliman Boxia Shoeless Folding Foot Bandage

Boxia Shoeless Folding Foot Bandage

Thanks to this shoeless bandage, it is possible to wear the Boxia foot brace even without a lace-up shoe or even without a shoe. Please note: this is an accessory for the Boxia foot brace!


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Orliman Dupuytren Finger Splint

Dupuytren Finger Splint

The solution for Dupuytren's disease, Osteoarthritis or a Triggerfinger is a finger splint from the Orliman brand. This elastic finger splint / brace provides a stretch and stabilization of your finger (s)!


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Orliman Orliman Umbilical hernia band

Orliman Umbilical hernia band

This comfortable and affordable umbilical hernia band with pressure pad provides extra pressure in the navel region in the event of an umbilical hernia. Very desirable for an umbilical hernia. Nowhere cheaper!


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Orliman Orliman Double-sided hernia

Orliman Double-sided hernia

The classic double-sided inguinal hernia belt that has been used most often for years with a double inguinal hernia! You can wear the inguinal hernia belt both before and after an operation.


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Orliman Orliman Boxia Foot Brace Calf Bandage

Orliman Boxia Foot Brace Calf Bandage

The Boxia Anti-migration Calf Bandage has been developed for an even higher wearing comfort of your Boxia drop foot bandage! This accessory must be worn together with the Boxia Foot-up Foot-up Orthosis!


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Orliman Manutec CMC Thumb Brace

Manutec CMC Thumb Brace

This plastic thumb brace is intended for people with osteoarthritis, rheumatism, pain in and around the thumb or an unstable feeling of the thumb joint. The big advantage of this brace is that it can get wet and is easy to keep clean.


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Orliman Silicone Hallux valgus Teenspreider
Orliman Orliman Teenspreider
Orliman 3 TEX ligament 7119
Orliman Orliman Boxia Plus folding foot brace

Orliman Boxia Plus folding foot brace

The Boxia Plus from Orliman is a One-Hand-On drop foot brace that can be put on with one hand. Can be worn both right and left! Nowhere cheaper available!


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Orliman Mitella for Children

Mitella for Children

Buying a sling for your child? The Orliman children's brace line has been specially developed for children with injuries around the elbow, shoulder or collarbone.


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Orliman Children's elbow bandage

Children's elbow bandage

The Orliman elbow brace for children is an elbow bandage specially designed for children with an elbow injury!


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Orliman Orliman Boxia Shoe mount

Orliman Boxia Shoe mount

Do you not always want to change your Boxia shoe mount from shoe to shoe, or is it simply worn out? Then order an extra copy!


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€47,99 €36,95

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Orliman Boxia loose elastic

Boxia loose elastic

Elastic for the Orliman Boxia Folding Foot Orthosis. Suitable as a spare or replacement part.


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Orliman Armsling for Children

Armsling for Children

Buying an arm sling for your child? The Orliman children's line with various children's braces & children's bandages have been specially developed for the kids!


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Orliman Children's Line Braces

Orliman is known for its high-quality children's braces. The wide range includes braces for a broken collarbone, broken arm (arm fracture), broken ankle (ankle fracture), broken / bruised elbow, sprained / sprained ankle (ruptured ankle bands), broken wrist. A detailed description per product can be found on each product page:
- Posture holder and collarbone bandage : collarbone fracture, upright holder, posture corrector, alternative to a sling
- Mitella for children : arm fracture, clavicle fracture, shoulder hatch
- Children's ankle brace :
- Children's knee brace with ribs
- Children's wrist brace
- Armsling for children
- Children's elbow bandage / elbow brace
- Children's wrist support / wrist brace
- Children's collar

For more information, please visit www.orliman.com Here you will find an article that is not listed on ProBrace. Please contact us and it can be ordered separately for you.