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Novamed is a Turkish supplier that has proven itself in recent years as B-brand braces, bandages and orthotics.

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Novamed Teen protection / Teeth pad
Novamed Teenspreader
Novamed Novamed Knee Brace with Hinges

Novamed Knee Brace with Hinges

The Novamed knee brace with hinges is a knee brace especially for people with heavier knee injuries. This includes serious instabilities, knee band lesions, status after ACL reconstruction or before / after a meniscus treatment.

€109,95 €32,95

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Novamed Hammer Toe Corrector

Hammer Toe Corrector

This hammer toe corrector is a silicone orthosis that you place under your toes, to prevent complications caused by a hammer toe. Think of blisters, corns and inflammation of the toe.

€14,95 €10,95

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Novamed Forefoot Cushion with Toe Ring

Forefoot Cushion with Toe Ring

Metatarsalgia? Do you suffer from your foot? This silicone forefoot cushion provides more comfort, less pain and faster recovery from an injury to the forefoot. Ideal for people who have complaints after standing or walking for a long time.


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Novamed Novamed Polsbrace
Novamed Novamed Rugrightholder
Novamed Hallux Valgus Knuckle Protector
Novamed Novamed Keybeenbrace
Novamed Novamed Shoulder Brace
Novamed Novamed Rugbrace
Novamed NovaMed Dijbeenbrace
Novamed Strassburg Sock
Novamed Hallux Valgus Teenbrace
Novamed Open Patella Knee Bandage
Novamed Novamed Lily Wrap Band (single)
Novamed Novamed Luxury Mitella
Novamed Novamed Lily Breach Band (Double)
Novamed Mitella Novamed
Novamed Novamed Single Breed
Novamed NovaMed Kuitbrace
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The Novamed braces we offer are:
Novamed Back right holder
Novamed knee brace with hinges
Novamed knee brace without hinges
Novamed calf brace
Novamed ankle brace
Novamed wrist brace
Novamed shoulder brace
Novamed patella brace
Novamed heel spur sock
Novamed back brace
Novamed toe brace
Novamed sling
Novamed single inguinal hernia
Novamed double inguinal hernia
Novamed thigh brace

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