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Kingmed Kingmed Extra Thin Insoles

Kingmed Extra Thin Insoles

The Kingmed Extra Thin Insoles are ultra-thin orthotics, suitable for both men and women. The renoflex shell contains a neutral but very firm support for the medial arch, ideal for the arch of (light) flat feet.


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Kingmed Kingmed Talonette Heel Raise

Kingmed Talonette Heel Raise

The Kingmed Talonette Heel Raise is available in three heights (5, 10 or 15 mm) and three different shoe sizes. The combination of cork and leather makes these talonettes very high quality!


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Kingmed Kingmed Luxury Thin Insoles For Women

Kingmed Luxury Thin Insoles For Women

These Luxury Thin Insoles are ideal for women with forefoot complaints, to support the arch of the foot. Extra thin and specially made for narrow women's shoes!


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