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GO Medical Vingerspalk
GO Medical Bovenrug Rechthouder
GO Medical GO Medical Mallet Finger Finger splint

GO Medical Mallet Finger Finger splint

Finger splint made for treating a Mallet finger / Hamer finger, where the strings of the finger are (in) torn. The finger splint immobilises the DIP joint (last finger) so that the tendon recovers.


GO Medical Reuma Arthritis Gloves
GO Medical Carpaal Tunnel Syndroom Spalk
GO Medical GO Medical Abdominal fracture band

GO Medical Abdominal fracture band

This rupture band is worn to support the abdomen. This can be in the case of a fracture of the abdomen, during pregnancy, with subsidence or pre- / postoperatively.


GO Medical Go Medical flatfoot soles
GO Medical Heel spurs night splint Yoosho
GO Medical Metatarsalgia Forefoot pad
GO Medical Voorvoetsok hallux valgus met bunionbeschermer
GO Medical GO Medical Nachtspalk Hielspoor
GO Medical TFCC WristWidget Wrist Brace

TFCC WristWidget Wrist Brace

A special WristWidget has been designed for treatment of the TFCC complex (Triangular FibroCartilagineus Complex). This wrist brace ensures a speedy recovery and rapid pain relief.


GO Medical Gelzooltjes Hielspoor
GO Medical Hielspoor Zooltjes
GO Medical Hallux Valgus Package
GO Medical Reuma Arthritis Gloves - Copy
GO Medical GO Medical Duimspalk
GO Medical Buddy loop
GO Medical Hallux Valgus Spalk  - Grote teen nachtspalk
GO Medical Damping insole (memory foam)
GO Medical Hallux Rigidus insole

Hallux Rigidus insole

the reinforced front of the arch support makes it ideal for complaints to the big toe.


GO Medical Achillespeesbrace
GO Medical Buddy loop - Copy
GO Medical Kunststof vingerbrace (gesloten vinger)
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