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GM Medical develops, produces and distributes prosthetic products, orthoses, braces, bandages, Silver Ring Splints (SRS) and self-care and home care items.
These products are only supplied to professionals within the orthopedic industry; orthopedic instrument makers, home care stores, specialty medical stores, pharmacies and therapists.

Patients and consumers can orient themselves on this website. For purchasing our products, please refer to the aforementioned companies. These professionals are the right person to help you make the right choice and use our products in the right way.

Professionals from the orthopedic industry can log in to our website in order to make optimal use of all the possibilities of this website.

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GM Medical 016 Elastic thumb splint

016 Elastic thumb splint

The GM 016 elastic thumb splint is an ideal splint for instability, arthritis and arthrosis in the thumb joint. The splint is very comfortable due to the elastic material and easy to put on because of the Velcro closure.


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