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Exo-L Custom ankle brace

People with weak ankles pay attention. If you want to 'exercise more' like everyone else, you may benefit from the Delft start-up EXO-L. They make ankle protection with the aid of 3D printing, especially for the approximately 500,000 Dutch people who sprain their ankle in the Netherlands every year - or are afraid of spraining ankles.

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What is it?

A custom ankle strap that prevents ankle sprain. It works just like a safety belt in the car: as soon as you threaten to sprain, the tire is tensioned so that it does not happen. The ankle remains free to move. Commonly used alternatives - braces and tape - tighten the ankle just a little to prevent movement.



How long has this been around?

Founder Marcel Fleuren started pilots three years ago during his graduation assignment at TU Delft. It has actually been on the market as an approved medical device since April.

How do you use this?

You can connect the band to any sports shoe except high basketball shoes. It is also difficult with very weak gymnastic shoes, because the ankle strap uses the shoe.

What is the revenue model?

They sell the anklets, for 199 euros each. Because each ankle strap is uniquely 3D printed for your ankle, they use a scanner that takes a 3D photo of your ankle. They sometimes make an appointment for measurements at your home, but have also started with a system where the scanners are in shops, so that people can go there for the photo.