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History Bioskin

Founder Dean Cropper started in 1981 with the design and production of aids for physiotherapy and rehabilitation techniques. Only eleven years later he developed and patented the well-known Bioskin material. Since 1994, the company's focus has been purely on products made from the Bio Skin material.

Vision Bioskin

The company was born out of a desire to improve the quality of people. Since its inception, the focus has been on providing the best experience for users of Bioskin products. Bioskin develops and produces premium and high-performance compression products to make people move better, live with less pain and to let people get the best out of themselves. Both in ADL and in sports performance.

The headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Ashland, Oregon. Surrounded by nature, this is not the easiest location to start a business, but according to founder Dean Cropper it is the most beautiful ... A nice statement to reflect the vision and mentality within Bioskin.

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Bioskin Q-Brace Knee Brace

Q-Brace Knee Brace

The Bioskin Q-Brace knee brace is ideal for stabilizing an unstable kneecap. Thanks to the 'T' strap, it is possible to individually apply the best tracking for your kneecap.


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Bioskin Bioskin Thigh Skin Upper leg bandage

Bioskin Thigh Skin Upper leg bandage

The BioSkin Thigh Support Thigh Bandage offers compression, warmth and stability without being a nuisance. The Thigh Support Upper Leg Bandage can be used both preventively and in the case of injuries to the Hamstrings or Quadriceps m.


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Bioskin Elbow Skin - Elbow sleeve

Elbow Skin - Elbow sleeve

The standard Elbow Skin is an elbow sleeve that is used when the biceps and triceps, bursitis or simply during exercise are used regularly. Please note: this bandage is small!


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Bioskin Calf Skin Calf Bandage

Calf Skin Calf Bandage

The Calf Support Sleeve Calf Bandage is a comprehensive compression sleeve that has a thermal effect on your lower leg. In addition, this sleeve promotes blood flow so that you suffer less from cramps and muscle pain. Please note: it is small!

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