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Buy thigh brace? Online range of thigh braces!

ProBrace has made a selection of thigh braces for you. We have contacts with various suppliers at home and abroad, which means that ProBrace can deliver the best products. We are constantly working to expand our range for you. Are you not alone and need advice? Please feel free to contact with a specialist of ProBrace.

What does an upper leg brace do?

An upper leg brace protects the muscles in the upper leg, prevents swelling and improves circulation. Thanks to the circular compression, the muscles work more effectively and there is less strain on the muscles and membranes. This is especially true for sports in which large shock waves pass through the thigh, such as running. In addition, compression ensures an increase in vascular pressure, resulting in an improved supply of nutrients and disposal of waste.

Buy thigh brace? Online range of thigh braces!



Thuasne Neoprene Thigh Support Bandage
Teyder Neoprene thigh brace

Neoprene thigh brace

The Neoprene thigh brace from Teyder is the ideal tool for injuries to the thigh. The brace ensures through compression, warmth and better blood circulation for a speedy recovery! Nowhere cheaper!


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Bauerfeind Myotrain Upper Bandage
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Upper leg brace indications?

There are various reasons for wanting or having to purchase an upper leg brace. An upper leg brace can ensure that you can move more easily and more actively. This can be done during an injury or for prevention against or after an injury. The most common indications for using the upper leg brace are:

  • Quadriceps rupture
  • Better vascular capacity Quadriceps during exercise
  • Increasing the pressure in Quadriceps
  • Hamstring injury
  • Edema in the upper leg


It is important that an upper leg brace fits properly and neatly. This is to prevent pressure spots or irritations around your quadriceps and hamstrings. ProBrace only offers the thigh braces that we as specialists fully support.

Do you already have experience with an upper leg brace, but is it not on our site? Then please contact us!

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Upper leg brace during exercise

An upper leg brace is particularly suitable for use during exercise. The thigh brace ensures more efficient muscle use and to prevent possible injuries. Sports where thigh braces are often used include:

  • Running
  • Football
  • Volley-ball
  • Hockey
  • Obstacle run's

Personal advice about your thigh brace?

Are you unable to figure it out yourself or do you have doubts about a certain size or upper leg brace? Then come for one-of-a-kind advice to one of our measuring locations in Bergambacht or Rijswijk to have your upper leg brace measured by one of our experienced members! Please feel free to contact with a physiotherapist or product specialist of ProBrace.


Buy thigh brace? Online range of thigh braces!