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Buy Patella brace? Various patella braces can be ordered online!

Below is a selection of patella straps and knee straps that affect the patella (kneecap). ProBrace has contacted various suppliers in the Netherlands and abroad to select the best products in this category.

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Buy Patella brace? Various patella braces can be ordered online!



Knee strap
Teyder Teyder Patellabrace / Patellaband
Push Med Patella Knee strap

Med Patella Knee strap

The Push Med Patella knee brace provides local pressure on the knee tendon and supports the patella (knee writer). This relieves the attachment of the upper leg muscle and reduces the tensile force on the lower leg, thereby reducing pain.

€49,95 €39,95

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Bioskin Q-Brace Knee Brace

Q-Brace Knee Brace

The Bioskin Q-Brace knee brace is ideal for stabilizing an unstable kneecap. Thanks to the 'T' strap, it is possible to apply the best tracking for your kneecap individually.


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Bauerfeind Genutrain P3 met Siliconen Kniebrace
Thuasne Genu FS Promaster
Thuasne Genu PFS ProMaster
Ossur rebound PF
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Order knee patella, knee or patella strap online?

It is important that when you choose a brace for your patella (kneecap), you always go for the right one. But which one is the right one? ProBrace has knowledge of different types of braces, from a kneecap brace to all types of patella straps / knee straps. Do you want a no-obligation advice about which patella strap / knee strap is the right one for you? Click here or contact a ProBrace specialist without obligation. We are always ready for you with suitable advice!


From a wide range of patella straps / knee straps, ProBrace has selected the best, which you can easily order online. In the overview below you will find not only the best knee strap / patella strap, but also various knee braces / knee bandages that offer the correct support for your patella (kneecap).


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Buy Patella brace? Various patella braces can be ordered online!