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Buy a foot brace, night splint or foot-brace?

Below is a selection of foot braces and night splints. ProBrace is in contact with various suppliers in the Netherlands and abroad. ProBrace has selected the best products for you from a wide range of foot braces and night splints.

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Buy a foot brace, night splint or foot-brace?



GO Medical GO Medical Klapvoetbrace
GO Medical GO Medical Klapvoetbrace Shoeless Bandage
Ossur Össur Rebound Foot Up Klapvoet Brace
Ossur Ossur Rebound Foot Up Shoeless Bandage Klapvoetbrace
Orliman Boxia Folding Foot Foot-up Orthosis

Boxia Folding Foot Foot-up Orthosis

The Boxia is a light and dynamic bandage for people with a drop foot. The ergonomic design and the optional accessories make the Boxia one of the most comfortable folding foot bandages on the market.


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Orliman Boxia Shoeless Folding Foot Bandage

Boxia Shoeless Folding Foot Bandage

Thanks to this shoeless bandage, it is possible to wear the Boxia foot brace even without a lace-up shoe or even without a shoe. Please note: this is an accessory for the Boxia foot brace!


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Orliman Boxia calf bandage
Orliman Boxia shoe attachment
Orliman Boxia los elastiek
Ossur Ossur Foot-up dropfoot Orthosis

Ossur Foot-up dropfoot Orthosis

The Foot-Up is a lightweight ankle-foot orthosis that provides dynamic lift and support for your drop foot (dropfoot) or similar complaints in which the foot lifter functions less effectively.


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Orliman Boxia Plus dropfoot brace

Boxia Plus dropfoot brace

The Boxia Plus from Orliman is a One-Hand-On dropfoot brace that can be pulled on with one hand. Bilateral, suitable for right and left! Nowhere cheaper to obtain!


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Orliman Boxia Shoe Mount Hooks

Boxia Shoe Mount Hooks

These hooks are specially developed for the Boxia Klapvoet Bandage. These hooks are worn in the lace holes of your shoe. Also ideal for loafers, the solution with a drop foot.


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Need a night splint heel rail or DENS and buy it directly online?

If you suffer from painful heels, this may mean that you have heel spurs or Fasciitis plantaris . This can be very annoying, especially when getting up. The starting pain is characteristic of these complaints. To reduce these pains as much as possible, conservative treatment by means of night splints is often prescribed. During this treatment you must wear a night splint against heel spurs every night for a few weeks to months. The night splint promotes the recovery of the Fasciitis plantar or heel spur complaint. In addition, the night splint reduces the pain immediately after getting up.


What is the difference between heel spur and Fasciitis plantar?

In the case of heel spur complaints, the complaints mainly concentrate when attaching the tendon plate under the heel bone, in Fasciitis Plantaris the symptoms are somewhat more diffuse and can spread across the tendon plate.

During the night the tendon plate relaxes and will shorten, in addition the body recovers during the night and any damage to the tendon plate can be repaired. Stretching this tendon plate again in the morning due to stress causes the 'starting pain'. There is also the risk that new hairline cracks will appear in this tendon plate (Plantaris fasciaitis) due to the morning load. The injury can become chronic if this vicious circle is not broken.

Our night splints have been carefully selected!

ProBrace only selects the best products, we do this based on our experience in practice and our office hours. ProBrace has made a selection of three types of night splints from all different products:

The Strassburg sock : This sock is particularly suitable for people who are very mobile during sleep. The disadvantage of this sock is that it 'pulls' considerably on the toes, which can cause cramps in the calf.

NOX compact Night Splint: This night splint is also suitable for belly sleepers. The big advantage of this splint is the compactness in combination with the rigidity so that the pressure can be evenly distributed under the ball of the foot.

UFO Night splint: The UFO or Unloading Foot Orthosis is the largest night splint that ProBrace sells. This foot brace is really only suitable for people who sleep on their back or side. The big advantage of this model is the size. The pressure is distributed over the entire calf and foot plate.


Advice on selecting the right foot brace / night splint?

ProBrace is always ready for its customers and puts quality and service first. Through our chat you can get in touch with one of our employees online to get advice on buying or ordering a night splint. You can also ask for advice by telephone or by email, our helpdesk is ready for you! Do you prefer to adjust or see the foot brace? Then you can make an appointment by telephone at one of our measuring locations . For free advice, come to one of our measuring locations in Bergambacht, The Hague or Rijswijk to have your foot brace or night splint measured by one of our experienced members!


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We only supply the best foot braces / night splints of the moment. ProBrace stands for quality!


Buy a brace for your foot? Foot brace, night splint, foot drop brace, foot orthosis order online!

Do you need a tool of the very best quality? A well-fitting brace for your foot is very important. Braces and bandages are also called orthoses. ProBrace only offers foot braces and night splints that we, as specialists, fully support. If you would like a different type of foot brace or night splint that is not on our site, please contact us via chat or by telephone. we are specialists in our profession! Trained to measure braces, sports braces and other medical facilities.


Buy a foot brace, night splint or foot-brace?