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Bioskin Elbow sleeve - Standard Elbow Skin

The standard Elbow Skin is an elbow sleeve that is used when the biceps and triceps, bursitis or simply during exercise are used regularly. Please note: this bandage is small!


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BioSkin Elbow Sleeve Elbow Bandage - Sleeve for the elbow (during sports)!

The Standard Elbow Skin from Bioskin is one of the best known and finest elbow sleeves currently on the market. This neoprene bandage for the elbow gives and retains heat around the elbow and ensures that less micro vibrations take place around the elbow. Ideal for people with a tennis elbow, bursitis at the elbow, overload complaints of the biceps and / or triceps muscles or simply nice to wear during exercise! Due to the thin and breathable neoprene material, evaporation of sweat is allowed, but it stays nice and warm under the elbow sleeve. Pay attention! This elbow sleeve is very small. When in doubt, take the largest size.

NB: The bandage can be worn on both left and right!

Indications for this elbow bandage from Bioskin

  • m. Triceps or m. Biceps injury
  • Bursitis elbow
  • Tennis elbow
  • Ideal for (resuming) sports activities
  • Muscle tear upper arm (biceps or triceps)
  • "Knots" in the muscles / "tight" muscles
  • Edema (fluid / swelling)
  • Instability of the elbow
  • Decreased proprioceptis
  • Overload
  • Preventive
  • Post-operatively

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Features and benefits arm bandage for the elbow

  • Provides comprehensive circular compression
  • Pain relief / pain relief
  • Ideal during exercise
  • Reduced injuries and muscle vibrations
  • Provides support for the joints
  • Allow swellings to decrease
  • Accelerates the recovery process after an injury
  • Can be used for both injuries and preventively
  • Note: The bandage is difficult to put on independently
  • Universal: can be worn both left and right

Determine your size

You can easily determine the correct size by measuring the circumference of your forearm at the thickest point. You can find the right size in the table below.   The bandage can be worn both left and right!


Measure Forearm size in cm  
XS 20 - 23 cm  
S 23 - 26 cm  
M 26 - 28 cm  
L. 28 - 31 cm  
XL 31 - 33 cm  
XXL 33 - 36 cm  

Note: The bandage is small, so if in doubt, it's better to order one size up.

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