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Bioskin Calf Skin Calf Bandage

The Calf Support Sleeve Calf Bandage is a comprehensive compression sleeve that has a thermal effect on your lower leg. In addition, this sleeve promotes blood flow so that you suffer less from cramps and muscle pain. Please note: it is small!

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BioSkin Calf Skin Lower leg bandage - Compression for better circulation!

The BioSkin Calf Skin gives a comprehensive circular compression to the m. Triceps Surae (calf muscles), the muscles of the lower leg. If you often suffer from 'tight' or 'tense' calves, then a compression sleeve from BioSkin is the solution. If you suffer from Shin Splints, then a compression sleeve is the solution for you! You can wear the BioSkin Calf Sleeve during daily life and during exercise.

The thin, breathable neoprene material allows perspiration to evaporate, keeping you at the right temperature. Thanks to the unique 'SkinLok' feature of the BioSkin material, the bandage will not be able to slide off your leg. Not even during heavy activities! Ideal during exercise!

Note: The bandage is small, so if in doubt, it's better to order one size up.
NB: The bandage can be worn on both left and right!

Indications for this lower leg bandage

  • m. Triceps Surae (m. Gastrocnemius / m. Soleus) injury
  • (Muscle) bruises on the lower leg
  • Treatment period after fracture (s) (fractures) of the tibia and fibula (tibia / fibula)
  • Muscle tear lower leg muscles
  • "Knots" in the muscles / "tight" calf muscles
  • Edema (fluid / swelling) in the lower leg
  • Instability of the lower leg
  • Decreased proprioceptis
  • Overloading of the lower leg muscles
  • Preventive
  • Post-operatively

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Features and benefits lower leg bandage

  • Gives compression on the m. Soleus and m. Gastrocnemuis (calf muscles)
  • Pain relief / pain relief
  • Comprehensive circular compression
  • Reduced injuries and muscle vibrations
  • Provides support for the fibula and tibia
  • Allow swellings to decrease
  • Accelerates the recovery process after an injury
  • Can be used for both injuries and preventively
  • Note: The bandage is difficult to put on independently
  • Universal: can be worn both left and right

Determine your size

You can easily determine the correct size by measuring the circumference of your lower leg at the thickest point. You can find the right size in the table below.   The bandage can be worn both left and right!

Lower leg circumference
S 25-30 cm
M 30 - 35 cm
L. 35 - 41 cm
XL 41 - 46 cm
XXL 46 - 51 cm

Note: The bandage is small, so if in doubt, it's better to order one size up.

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Sandra vd Mark Posted on 14 June 2017 at 10:08

Deze kuitbrace is wel wat aan de kleine kant, ik had moeite deze aan te trekken. Na wat oprekken en een aantal keer dragen zat deze uiteindelijk als gegoten. Bedankt aan de aardige meneer aan de telefoon voor het advies!