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Bauerfeind Sport Compression stockings for Ball and Racket sports

Compression stockings from Bauerfeind stabilize your joints, reduce muscle pain, increase walking comfort and stimulate the muscles during exercise.

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Compression stockings Bauerfeind - Sport Compression socks!

This new sports line from Bauerfeind has been specially developed for use during sports activities. Similarly, these compression stockings Ball & Racket, which have been specially designed and developed for ball and racket sports activities. See also the variant: Compression stocking Run & Walk .

These compression stockings support your lower legs during exercise with:

  • Muscle building
  • Taping zone for more stability
  • Cutout of the Achilles tendon
  • Protection against pressure and friction
  • Shock absorbing
  • High-tech microfibers for a good feeling on the skin
  • indestructible and durable quality for daily use
In short; these compression stockings offer more stability during fast turning movements. Ideal for ball and racket sports.

NB: The Bauerfeind Sports Compression Socks Ball & Racket are supplied per pair as standard.

Indication Bauerfeind sports compression sock

  • Vascular problems (circulation problems)
  • Muscle pain in the calves or on the shin (after exercise)
  • Ball and racket sports where the legs are used a lot (many fast and rotating movements)
  • Increased tone of the lower leg muscles (calf muscles, etc.)
  • Preventing injuries (preventive)
  • Edema or fluid in the lower leg (during sports)

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Benefits and features Bauerfeind sports compression socks

  • Good for blood circulation in the lower leg
  • Fluid and edema regulation
  • Thermal function (it keeps the arms warm during sports)
  • Protect against friction and pressure on the skin
  • Shin Splints or tibial membrane inflammation
  • Circular compression around the lower legs
  • Increases oxygen levels in the blood
  • Reduces cramps in the calf muscles
  • Comfortable fit during exercise
  • Recover faster after exercise!

How to measure

The dimensions are very important to make optimal use of the Bauerfeind Sports Compression Socks. To choose the right size you need to measure the size of your lower leg (at the thickest point) (see picture above). You can then choose the correct size in the table below.

Measure Lower leg size  
S 31 - 36 cm  
M 36 - 41 cm  
L 41 - 46 cm  
XL 46 - 51 cm  

You can choose between a length size short or long. For the dimensions see below:

Measure Shoe size  
Short 35 - 40  
Long 41 - 46  

NB: The Bauerfeind Sports Compression Socks are supplied per pair as standard.


  • If you are exactly in between two sizes, it is best to order the smaller of the two sizes.
  • You can wash these compression stockings by hand or on a delicate washing program (do not spin, but allow to air dry)
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