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Bauerfeind Shoulder brace OmoTrain

The Bauerfeind OmoTrain supports, directs movements, promotes healing and helps reduce shoulder pain without restricting freedom of movement. This has been scientifically proven (read the research below).


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Bauerfeind OmoTrain Shoulder Brace - Proven effective!

The Bauerfeind OmoTrain is an active shoulder bandage that offers optimal support, protection and stability. The shoulder bandage is ideal for shoulder pain (after trauma or surgery), osteoarthritis of the shoulder, osteoarthritis, tendon infections (m. Supraspinatus, m. Infraspinatus), bursitis (bursitis) or for soft tissue irritation (around the shoulder)

The breathable, anatomically shaped and skin-friendly Train knit ensures that the brace stretches   optimally adapts to your individual body shape and thereby ensures effective compression. This compression and the massage effect also activates the metabolism around the shoulder. The shoulder bandage is very comfortable. The Velcro system allows you to easily adjust the bandage with the right compression and fit. Even after hours of wearing, the bandage is still very comfortable.

Indications for shoulder bandages

  • Arthrosis of the shoulder
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rotator cuff injury
  • Bursitis
  • Post operative instability
Support class 2

Features and benefits of shoulder braces

  • Comfortable breathable Train knit
  • German quality
  • Can be worn on the left and right
  • Easy to put on independently

How to measure

For the correct size, measure the size of your upper arm 15 cm from the tip of your elbow (see illustration above). The OmoTrain shoulder bandage can be worn both left and right.

Measure Circumference of the upper arm (in cm)
0 20 - 22 cm
1 22 - 24 cm
2 24 - 26 cm
3 26 - 29 cm
4 29 - 32 cm
5 32 - 36 cm
6 36 - 40 cm

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------

Research into the OmoTrain®

Research has shown that the pain after wearing the OmoTrain®
is significantly reduced.

In total, 49 patients with a shoulder injury were tested.
- 20 patients had a tendinosis
- 29 patients had a rotator cuff lesion

Change in pain intensity in tendinosis during therapy with OmoTrain®

- Day 14: 6% of the tendinosis patients without pain
- Day 25: 58% of the tendinosis patients without pain

Other results:
The group of patients with a rotator cuff lesion showed good therapy results in terms of mobility, especially in the adduction and external rotation movements:
- Adduction: Day 1: 70% of normal mobility, Day 25: 94% of normal mobility
- External rotation: Day 1: 61% of normal mobility, Day 25: 87% of normal mobility

early functional treatment with a shoulder bandage shows a clear decrease in pain complaints

Bauerfeind AG and Scheuermann et al.

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Ernst de Jong Posted on 28 June 2016 at 13:03

op advies van mijn therapeut deze schouderbrace aangeschaft bij ProBrace. Wat een verademing. Geeft net voldoende druk en steun aan mijn schouder waardoor ik prettiger de dag doorkom. Bedankt voor het advies via de chat! handig systeem.