Bauerfeind Wrist bandage ManuTrain - ProBrace

Bauerfeind Wrist bandage ManuTrain

The Bauerfeind ManuTrain is an active bandage to support the wrist joint. This wrist brace relieves the wrist joint in case of injuries, tendon sheath inflammation or wrist osteoarthritis.


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Bauerfeind ManuTrain - Wrist protector with strap!

The Bauerfeind ManuTrain relieves the wrist with its integrated flexible cushions (pads) of active Train® knitting. This reduces the pressure of the nerves and vessels and prevents pain. The bandage also contains a deformable rod (on the palm side) that protects the nerve. There is also an extra elastic Velcro which keeps the wrist extra stable. This strap is infinitely adjustable.

Putting on the wrist bandage is very easy due to the elastic material of which the ManuTrain is made. The material is breathable and the flexible cushions (pads) have cutouts for the bony parts on the sides of the wrist. This in combination with the Train® knit ensures optimal wearing comfort.

Indications wrist wraps

  • Wrist sprains
  • Mild instability
  • Status after fracture
  • Postoperative (to protect the wrist)
  • Fluid build-up around the wrist
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Features and benefits of wrist bandage

  • Comfortable train knit
  • German quality
  • Full manual function
  • Easy to put on
  • Individually adjustable
  • Removable plastic rib

How to measure

Measure the size of the wrist for the correct size (see illustration above). The ManuTrain wrist bandage is available for the left and right hand.

Measure Circumference of the wrist (in cm)
1 14 - 15 cm
2 15 - 16 cm
3 16 - 17 cm
4 17-18 cm
5 18 - 19 cm
6 19 - 20 cm

The ManuTrain is available in the colors Natur, Titan and Black.

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M. van Dellen Posted on 4 March 2014 at 12:35

Super bandage, snelle levering en zit super goed! Andere producten die ik geprobeerd had zaten niet lekker om de pols vooral bij de botjes aan de zijkant en daar heb ik met de ManuTrain geen last meer van.