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Bauerfeind Ski & Skate - The arch support for winter sports

Skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey - many winter sports force the feet into a static position. Avoid static loads with Ski & Skate insoles. Specially developed for winter sports!

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ErgoPad® ski & skate arch supports - Winter sports arch supports!

The new ErgoPad ski & skate arch support for winter sports supports and stabilizes the foot in the sports shoe and increases wearing comfort.

  • The insole core (based on the weightflex technology) supports the natural torsion of the foot
  • The heel cup stabilizes with sideways tilt movements
  • The thermo-regulating cover keeps the feet warm

Improved dynamics with the Ergopad ski and skate arch supports

Sagging foot curves are often the cause of foot problems - especially when exercising. The core of the ErgoPad ski & skate arch support supports the foot curves with the patented weightflex technology to prevent overload. The core improves mobility in the foot and reduces muscle fatigue.

Perfect control

The insole core is covered with polyurethane for long-term cushioning of the feet and joints. The surface of the soft-foam molded insoles gives the foot the necessary support, especially in sideways movements. The heel cup guides and stabilizes the foot. The toe piece under the two small toes stretches it, thereby increasing the contact area between the sole of the foot and the arch support and thus between the foot and shoe for better control. Furthermore, the sensorimotor spots stimulate and strengthen the foot muscles. Finally, the upholstery of the arch support is optimally adapted to the cold, because it is thermoregulating and keeps the feet warm.

Ready-to-wear insoles are always sold in pairs! Is your size not listed? Contact us and we will order it separately for you.

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