Bauerfeind Sports soles Run & Walk - The support sole for running, walking and Nordic walking - ProBrace

Bauerfeind Sports soles Run & Walk - The support sole for running, walking and Nordic walking

The ErgoPad run & walk arch support is a support sole specially developed for running sports that absorbs the shocks as well as possible while running, to prevent complaints to the feet.

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Bauerfeind Ergopad Run & Walk - Sport arch supports for running!

Arch supports for endurance running

Evenly recurring stance and swing phases, combined with sporadic lateral movements, are characteristic of jogging, walking and Nordic walking. These linear movement patterns strain the front and rear foot, especially over longer distances. The result is often a painful heel, or complaints regarding the Achilles tendon or shin. The ErgoPad® run & walk counteracts this overload by specifically damping the ball and the heel of the foot. This is clearly more comfortable, especially on long distances.

Arch supports that offer more comfort

The weightflex-X, the insole core, consists of two different, solid plastics. These plastic components in combination with the X shape make the core stable and at the same time very flexible. For example, the insoles can support the foot curves without limiting the natural mobility of the foot. The supporting foot muscles are relieved and are therefore less likely to tire. In addition, the sensorimotor spots stimulate the foot muscles and improve the motor skills.

Arch support that fits in almost all sports and walking shoes

The insole core is surrounded by durable polyurethane soft foam. Despite the low thickness, this material has very good impact absorbing properties. The ErgoPad® run & walk is therefore very thin and fits in most sports and walking shoes.

  • Increases comfort
  • Stimulates the foot muscles and improves motor skills
  • The upholstery is antibacterial and therefore odor resistant
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Indication Bauerfeind arch supports during sports

  • Pain of the feet (during exercise)
  • Heel spur complaints (plantar fasciitis or inflammation under the foot)
  • Increased muscle tone of the muscles in the foot or lower leg
  • Muscle pain in the feet (after exercise)
  • Sports where the feet are used intensively
  • Preventive use
  • Edema or fluid around the foot, ankle, or lower leg (during sports)
  • Preventing injuries

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Advantages and properties Bauerfeind sports insoles

  • Improved shock absorption when walking, running and Nordic walking
  • Heel protection by a soft heel cup
  • Stabilization of the foot and ankle
  • Sensoric motor spots for proprioceptic stimulation
  • Weightflex arch support core to correct the sole of the foot
  • Anti-bacterial and odor-resistant coating / coating
  • High comfort!
  • Faster recovery after exercise!

How to measure

In order to make optimal use of the Bauerfeind Sports Run & Walk Insoles, the dimensions are very important. To choose the right size, simply select your gender and size .

NB: The Bauerfeind Sports Run & Walk Inlays are standard delivered in pairs.


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John Posted on 14 May 2015 at 13:19

Lekkere zooltjes om mee hard te lopen. Voelde direct het dempende effect. Past precies in mijn asics schoen!