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Buying a thumb bandage? The best thumb bandages online!

Below you will find a selection of our thumb bandages. ProBrace has contact with various suppliers at home and abroad. From a wide range of thumb bandages, ProBrace has selected the best products for you.

A thumb bandage is generally more flexible than a thumb brace. Where a thumb brace is often provided with an aluminum rib or reinforcement, this is usually not the case with a thumb bandage. If you are looking for a support for your thumb to reduce the pressure on your thumb and / or thumb brace, you can opt for a thumb bandage. If you want to immobilize or splint your thumb because moving your thumb is painful, it is best to opt for a thumb brace .

Need advice? Feel free to contact a ProBrace specialist .

Buying a thumb bandage? The best thumb bandages online!



Thuasne Sports Thumb Bandage / Wrist Bandage

Sports Thumb Bandage / Wrist Bandage

The Thuasne Sport Thumb Bandage: a functional and comfortable thumb and wrist bandage in one with reinforcement at the thumb for extra support of the CMC and MCP joint.


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Zamst Sports ZAMST Thumb Brace Thumb Guard
Teyder Teyder Thumb Bandage Osteoarthritis / Rheumatism

Teyder Thumb Bandage Osteoarthritis / Rheumatism

This elastic thumb bandage is the ideal aid for osteoarthritis and rheumatism on the wrist and / or thumb. The elastic fabric forms perfectly around your hand. You will experience immediate relief!


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Thuasne Ligaflex Rhizo Thumb Brace

Ligaflex Rhizo Thumb Brace

The Ligaflex Rhizo Thumb Brace has a metal wire reinforcement, which immobilizes the thumb in a non-painful position. The pressure that the brace gives is easy to regulate and therefore ideal in case of thumb arthrosis.


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Thuasne Ligaflex Manu Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint

Ligaflex Manu Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint

The Ligaflex Manu Thumb Brace / Wrist Splint is a thumb and wrist brace in one and provides maximum support and protection. The wrist brace is ideal for instability, tendonitis, m. Quervain, ski thumb or with a carpal tunnel syndrome.


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What type of thumb bandage should you buy?

If you are going to choose a thumb bandage or a thumb brace, you need to know the purpose of your thumb bandage. You support with a thumb bandage, you immobilize with a thumb brace. You can use a thumb bandage for various injuries, for example:

  • Ski thumb
  • Thumb arthrosis
  • Thumb rheumatism
  • Thumb arthritis

Which material should I choose for my thumb bandage?

Thumb bandages are often made of textile, making them less suitable for use in a wet environment. This is because the bandage must first dry properly before it can be worn again, not to prevent blemishes and skin wounds. If you want to support your thumb in a moist environment, it is better to choose a plastic thumb brace such as the Push CMC thumb splint.

Thumb bandage with or without wrist support?

A thumb bandage can provide support over the wrist or not. When moving / loading the wrist is painful, it is always advisable to also support it with a thumb bandage with wrist support. Even if you want to use the thumb brace at night, we advise you to purchase an extensive thumb bandage with wrist support. If you have no wrist complaints and do not want to be restricted in your movement during the day, a thumb bandage without wrist support is sufficient.

Personal advice about your thumb bandage?

Are you unsure between a certain size or thumb bandage? Please feel free to contact a physiotherapist or product specialist from ProBrace. Or come to one of our measuring locations in Bergambacht or Rijswijk for non-binding advice to have your thumb bandage fitted.




Buying a thumb bandage? The best thumb bandages online!